Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

"Beauty and the Beast" is this year's production at CAG. Excellent! We were impressed. Caleb, son of Jim and Jenny Adams was the comical "clock" in the musical. He was a natural. Job well done!

Glenn and I attended the first showing on Thursday night. The last performance is Saturday. So, if any of you live in Guatemala City, stop by the school at 6:30pm. It will be worth your while. I'm so glad we could "cheer on" our MKs.
Sarah, daughter of Dan and Laurie Anderson played the character of the "silly girls". She did a great job.
Our neighbor, Taylor, was the "Beast". He did a great job.
Chris Pater, helped with the keyboard.

I realized that I had never seen "The Beauty and the Beast" in its entirety. When the kids were growing up and we shoved the VCR tape of the Disney movie into the VCR player, I would fall asleep before the end of the movie - just like I've never seen the end of "Princess Bride".

Congratulations to our CAM kids that performed their heart out. Cristy Schmidt also was in the production, however, I didn't get a picture of her.

Friday, January 30, 2009

You can have your Cake and Eat it too!

Mary Jo and John had a tiered boxes wedding cake. It was blue with white polka dots and accented with yellow daisies. The cake topping had a ceramic cow on top. Very fitting, since John grew up on a Dairy farm.

Old friends, Jim and Sheila Lewis drove over from Canada. Jim and Sheila lived next door to us back in 1987 for 6 months. Sheila remembers Ellen and Karen riding on their tricycles around and around the patio in our Santa Cruz, Bolivia home. She also remembers how the girls would put on their Awana "cubbie" vests and then recite their memory verses - all with their pink curlers in their hair. Oh, the memories we have!

Katherine, Twana, Denise and Karen - all friends from Bolivia days.

More later,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Additional Photos of Mary Jo's wedding

Katherine - Mary Jo's sister
I caught Thomas studying!

Karen signing a song during the wedding ceremony. Beautiful.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mary Jo's Wedding Day

Blue sky, 2 feet of snow, 25 degree weather and a beautiful wedding in Michigan!

Karen, Mary Jo and Neva


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Yes, this is John Lee. But he sure looks like Waldo! Do you agree?

Karen was the Bride's matron of Honor last weekend at Mary Jo Handley and John Lee's wedding. Karen also signed a song during the wedding. These shots are photos during the Rehearsal the night before.
This is amazing. Dan and Neva both played the "Recessional" at their daughter's wedding. It was gorgeous. Neva was one of Karen's elementary piano teachers while we lived in Bolivia years ago.

John and Mary Jo!


Monday, January 26, 2009

LeAnn and Flowers

LeAnn is Paul and Ruth's grand daughter. Great gal. Lots of creativity and very knowledgable. She was down here for 3 months. I hope she returns for another visit. She pointed out the interesting flowers in her grandma's garden!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anniversary Date

Last week on our 29th Anniversary, Glenn and I ventured out to the mall for the afternoon. We took in the movie "7 pounds", however, here in Guatemala it was translated as "7 souls". If you go to the see this movie, you will understand why.

As we walked through the mall, Glenn said, "Judy, I'd like for you to take a ride on the Carousel. I then quickly replied, "Yes, I'll do that, only if you can get me a ride on it for free". Glenn walked up to the teenage employee and told him that it was our anniversary and it had been ages since I had ridden on the Carousel. The teenage boy probably thought it was silly, but he said "why not". So, Glenn accompanied me on the ride. Glenn loves challenges like this. And this one he pulled off.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sunrise Sunset

If you google the words "most beautiful lake in the world", the result is Lake Atitlán. Yes, indeed it is a breathtaking view to see the sunset, volcanoes and fishing boats pulling into the village harbor.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend trip

Niel and Diana Thomas are the host/hostess of Las Buenas Nuevas in Panajachel. I caught them as they were heading into town for a funeral. This is their mode of transportation. Notice the side saddle action with Diana.
Brandon and Jenny Scott live in Xela (pronounced shay-la) also called Quetzaltenango. They served us a delicious lasagna lunch and peanut butter covered brownies...yummy!
We stopped in Chimaltenango and visited Clyde and Edith Murphy. And then we visited with them again over lunch at a favorite restaurant, Paulinos. Their daughter, Judy, was with them.

Wilfred and Shirley Johnson live in Chimaltenango also. Shirley served us a delightful meal which was topped off by ice cream and home grown coffee.

Last weekend, we traveled with John and Jan Edwards out to Chimaltenango, Panajachel, Sololá and Xela, visiting the CAM missionaries out in those areas. Each day was packed FULL visiting and sharing with the folks. We hope they were encouraged just as much as we were encouraged by the visits.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

My friend Marge Watson

(Guatemalan caregiver), Marge and daughter, Ann
Meet my friend, Marge. Marge is 86 years old. She was a long term missionary with South America Mission in Peru. She now lives with her daughter, Ann Henriques, CAM missionary here in Guatemala.

Marge has a sweet spirit. She forgets from day to day. Each time we visit her we have to re-introduce ourselves to her. She hasn't forgotten her Spanish though. We sit and talk about "the good ol' days" in Peru. Glenn and I mention the SAM missionary names who served with her in Peru - and she smiles widely.

One of our responsibilities as pastoral care givers for the CAM missionaries is that we also visit their aging parents, like Marge.

I count it a privilege to have known Marge back when we served with SAM in South America and now here in Guatemala. What an example of a true missionary. Pray for her strength. Pray for her on site care-givers, Bob and Ann Henriques here in Guatemala.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Henriques and Edwards

The Henriques and Edwards joined us at a local restaurant here in Guatemala City.
Tortillas anyone? Very tasty when fresh and hot.

Bob Henriques orders this special non alcholic drink. Lemonade and soda plus a dash of cherry syrup. Pretty good.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday Grand Mommy

Grand Mommy & Grand Daddy up in Estes Park, Colorado.

Grand mommy holding her 2nd Great grandchild - Cooper.

Grand Mommy - I love you! You hold a special place in my heart. Since I was little, I remember you and Dad were always a part of our lives. You were "room mother" for me during my elementary school days. You always signed up to take my friends on field trips. You attended all my choir concerts in Junior High and High School. You attended all my basketball games. You went to every "Open House" each year at school.

My special memories were when you surprised me and all my Camp Fire Girl friends for my 12th birthday party. You signed me up for Bible Memory Association and encouraged me to memorize countless scripture verses. Having never traveled much outside of Texas, you allowed me to live in Chicago and study at Moody. You have become quite the "traveler" over the past 3 decades. Glenn and I have enjoyed making arrangements for you to visit us in Bolivia, now in Guatemala and then many places across the USA.

I think one thing that is special is that you take a special interest in our friends. Our friends have become your friends. Thank you for this unique quality.

I am grateful that you "potty trained" Ellen, Karen and Gary. Thank you. You have kept the kids when they were younger, took them shopping, to church and to the park. You have taken special interest in our kids. Thank you.

Although you never placed a long distance phone call (1.00 a minute back in the 70's) to me at college (except for my birthday), you faithfully wrote me a snail mail letter every week while I lived 1,000 miles from home at Moody. I guess that is why I have enjoyed writing to you since we have been on the mission field these past 25 years.

Mom, you are always trying out new recipes. I remember the "tiered wedding cakes" you would make for me for my birthdays. Chicken and Dumplings and strawberry short cake are our family favorites that you make. You are the best cook in the world.

I always remember you staying up late at night writing thank you notes, encouragement cards or sympathy notes. You are constantly taking over peanut brittle, banana cake or fresh peaches to those friends who are sick or in the hospital. You truly love others and I know others truly love you. I hope you get the picture that you are loved.

Mom you are loved. I love you!

PS I never know who reads my blog/facebook. But if you have met my family, please send my mom a birthday wish. The email address is

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary 29 years TODAY

January 19, 1980 - 29 years ago today.

I love you Glenn! You are kind. You are patient. Your "puns" are terrible. Your servant spirit is contagious. You never forget a person. You have the gift of helps. You are the best father and husband. Earlier in our marriage you changed your share of diapers. You have cleaned my kitchen too many times to count. You have always filled up my gasoline tank so I would not have to do that. You allow me to give you directions when traveling. You have loved on me unconditionally. I love you. Happy Anniversary!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stan and Barb Orth

Barbara is an artist. I look forward to hanging this artwork on my wall.
Barbara and Stan Orth
Last Saturday night, Elisa Sywulka hosted a "goodbye" party for Stan and Barbara Orth. They have been missionaries here in Guatemala since the 60's. They raised their 3 sons and 1 daughter here. They have taught at the famous Central America Theological Seminary (SETECA) for years. Barbara has hosted a ladies Bible study for many years too. They are dearly loved.

Now it was time for the Guatemala field to lavish our appreciation and "well wishes" on them. They will be deeply missed here. Oh, I'm sure we'll see them while visiting in Dallas, since they live very close to G'mommy and G'daddy.

Thank you Stan and Barbara for your countless years of ministry here in Guatemala.