Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

I like to think about the past year and review how the Lord has blessed us. 

Glenn and I celebrated our 35th class reunion from Moody Bible Institute.  What a great heritage we have as we have been blessed with 4 generations to have attended this great learning institution.  God bless the school that DL Moody founded.  I am thankful for the education we have received and have used in our ministries in Bolivia and Guatemala.

I flew to Nicaragua and brought David back to Guatemala to give Ellen a break before the "little girl" was to be born in March.  Ellen was concerned that David wouldn't be around for the birth, so looking at the calendar, we scheduled our flights and I would bring David back "in plenty of time".  This gave Ellen and Luke some down time.

 We were thankful to have had David with us for 2 weeks.  He joined us for the annual Intermissions Conference in Panajachel.  While we were eating breakfast, we got a Skype call.  Glenn handed me the iPhone so David could talk to his mother.  There was a little baby girl on the screen.  I screamed, "Who is that?"  "It's David's little sister.  She was born last night, mom, and you didn't even know I was in labor?  What a surprise!  I cried!
Emily Kay was born February 22, 2013. (little Emily, wearing one of Ellen's baby outfits from 30 years earlier)
Glenn and I helped with the annual Camino Fellowship Conference.  Thank y'all from First Baptist Lake Jackson for helping with the kids programs.

During the Spring, we started receiving new missionary families.  First the Herrington family with their 2 year old toddler and 3 dogs arrived.  Yes, 3 dogs.  Then the Lastrapes family with their 2 children arrived.  They were followed by the Tarwater family with their 8 children.  Yes, 8!;).  And finally, in July, the Makidon family with their sweet 3 year old showed up.  We helped in different ways in their transitions, from helping to make living arrangements, to acquiring new and used furniture, to organizing food poundings, to visiting them in their new locations, to helping orient them to their new culture and language and also by forming a support team.  We love to be able to help in such practical ways.  Their transition is important as they begin their missionary adventure.

We did enjoy some family time in beautiful Colorado.  The special blessing was to spend time with family.

Glenn's sister, Sarah, was able to come and visit us, followed by Scott and Barbara and their grand daughter.  They just tagged along with us in our ministry and were able to encourage the missionary families here too.  Thanks for coming and sharing your lives. 

In September, we had David with us in Guatemala.  He was a trooper.  We started potty training him.  The 18 hour bus ride that ended up being close to 20 hours was pretty tough.  Right after that, Glenn experienced a heart attack in Nicaragua 2 1/2 hours from the closest hospital.  We're thankful for the 2 stents that were placed in his heart, the good care he received and his continuing recovery.  The doctor ordered Glenn "to slow down", "take it easy".  And Glenn's heart Doctor in Guatemala even wrote out a prescription for a Caribbean Cruise, "as soon as possible."

Earlier in the year we said "goodbye" to veteran missionary Mike Stephenson.  We celebrated the 50th anniversary with the Murphy family in Guatemala.  We attended graduations, school programs and special events for the missionary family.  Glenn and I feel very blessed to have known long time friend, Ron Baker, who passed away in October. 

Finally, in December we attended the wedding ceremony of our niece Brenda and the love of her life, Drew. What a testimony!

In summary, Glenn and I are thankful for life.  New life in the birth of our new granddaughter, Emily, born in February.  (Grand-parenting is the greatest!)  We're thankful for God restoring Glenn's life from his heart attack in September.  And we're thankful for my improved after surgery in December.

We say 
Goodbye to 2013
 Hello to 2014



Saturday, December 28, 2013

35 Years Ago Today

Glenn and I met on a Saturday afternoon, December 23. 5 days later, on December 28, he took me out on our first date. That was 35 years ago.

Glenn had just completed Moody Aviation and had taken a 4 month bicycle trip from Dallas to Colombia, South America two years before.  Now he was living with his parents as he worked for Cothron Aviation as a mechanic.

Our first date was not my favorite.  Glenn took me to the Nutcracker at the Fair Park Music Hall.  It was fancy and elegant.  The music was spectacular.  However, it was not my thing.  Fortunately it was not Glenn's thing either.  It was the thought that counted.

Thank you, Glenn, for my first date - 35 years ago tonight.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Thrill of Hope

How many times have I sung these words?  Today they seemed different.

Over the Christmas holiday, I had major surgery, a hysterectomy and bladder lift.  2 days later, I was released from the hospital with a catheter.  Today, I got that out!   So, the holidays for me were filled with pain, no special programs, lots and lots of bed rest and frequent potty breaks.  

The nurse says I'm doing well.  I cannot lift more than 5 pounds.  How am I going play with my grand-babies?.  I guess I can hold them:)

Thank you, Cassandra, for sharing your picture (with permission).

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3 Score and More

On Tuesday, Glenn and I picked up Marcia and took her with us to the Senior Citizen's gathering (3 Score and More) at Northwest Bible Church.  Marcia recently lost her sweet dear husband back in October.  We got to love on her.  She didn't know much of what was going on, but I think she could feel that she was loved by us and others.  

G'mommy and G'daddy also attended.

The church was decorated!
And friends were decorated too!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Drew and Brenda

Saturday night was the big event.  As long as I can remember, G'mommy would say, "Now, we just need to find a good husband for Brenda!"  Finally, Dr. Drew walked into Brenda's life and swept her off her feet.  On Saturday, they had the most God-honoring celebration of marriage.

Brenda with her sister and cousin
                                                     the kiss

Madison, Gary, Karen and Thomas with cousin Meredith
Family photo
the Bride
my brother Rick, his wife Beverly and their 3 cute grandsons, along with the bride

The reception was a party.  A celebration party.  We left before the bride and groom took stage.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Rehearsal

This is the wedding weekend.  Brenda and Drew are getting married.

On Friday night, we drove G'mommy and G'daddy to the Rehearsal followed by the rehearsal dinner.

At the rehearsal dinner, there were laughs, jokes, and tears as we celebrated their lives.  In summary, Drew is a loyal friend and Brenda loves to celebrate and honor friends.  What a great combination.

Practicing the words, "Her Mother and I"
to be continued.....

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Plans Iced - Dec 2013

Proverbs 16:9

The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.

I flew up early so I could spend some good quality time with my mom.  I had tickets for the LH Tour of Homes and a luncheon on Friday, followed by a Ladies' Christmas luncheon on Saturday at Northwest Bible Church.

All events were cancelled! Ice and cold weather!!  Schools were closed, programs were cancelled and even the famous Dallas Marathon was cancelled.  Hardly anyone was traveling on the solid sheets of think ice that blanketed the Metroplex.  Many homes lost power, but thankfully we did not.  There were broken tree limbs that fell throughout the night. 

I made Taco Soup to warm up our bones.  We watched the news and on Saturday Dad, mom and I watched non-stop College Football.

I'm glad I could still spend time with my mom, even though we did not get everything done that was on my calendar.

Monday, December 09, 2013

San Kris Mall

There is a brand new mall that "went up over night".  Ask the Tarwater family if they've heard construction or a generator throughout the night.

The 2 anchor shops are your local Cemaco store (True Value Hardware store) and La Torre Grocery Store (much like a Safeway).
 The Christmas Tree is already up and is huge.
 There is even an iPhone store, a Barrista coffee shop (similar to Starbucks) and then there are other specialty stores.