Monday, March 30, 2015

I've Never Seen THAT

At the local mall, I noticed up against the wall, a Fireman's uniform.

Break in case of Fire.

This is located right next to the concession stand at Oakland Mall
Guatemala City.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Bird on the Wire

I've done this for years.  Wash the clothes, hang them out on the line. 
 But today, I was greeted with a surprise!

Some bird or creepy animal "pooped" on my walking pants.  Ugh

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pastoral Visit - Works Both Ways!

Last week, Glenn and I got together with pastor/missionary, Craig, and his wife, Barbara, as they were on a mission trip as translators here in Antigua.
The local volcano, Fuego, had something to say!
 This restaurant is located up on another hill opposite of El Tenedor.
What a beautiful place.
Lunch with a view!
check out the website
The food was delicious.

There is a green house with beautiful orchids and flowers!
Lunch with a view with live music too!
Craig found his retirement lot, complete with a small lake, boat and waterfall.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Christmas in March

Although the cards were marked in December, these Christmas cards didn't make it to our home here in Guatemala until last week.

It's always nice to spread the Christmas spirit over several months.  Thank you for the late cards.  I enjoyed reading the cards and letters as well as seeing the photos of friends from afar.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Letterboxing - Disclaimer - Blog 11 of 11

[DISCLAIMER - For 6 weeks, Glenn and I traveled and I neglected my blog posting.  
Here is an attempt to post some updates.]
    We drove over 3,500 miles on our recent trip.  And one of the fun activities we enjoy doing is Letter-boxing.  It breaks up long road trip and adds a little spice into the adventure.  This trip was no exception.  We found a total of 9 letterboxes.  That's 10 if you count the one we found in Roatán on our cruise.

    One such stop led us to a really cool rest area. Each of the picnic tables were in a motif representing the 1940's and 50's.  Here is an old gas station.
    It was by far the coolest rest stop I have ever stopped at.  So, if you are ever on Interstate 40 heading across Missouri to St. Louis, stop at the Mile Marker 110, outside of Conway, Missouri.  Read more.

    Located on the old Route 66 in Missouri, this Letterbox is at a roadside park. 

    While in Springfield, Illinois, we visited the burial site of Abraham Lincoln.  It is the second most visited cemetery in the US.  Arlington Cemetery in DC is the most visited site.  Here we found another letterbox.
    Many folks will rub Abe's nose for good luck.  And place penny's (Lincoln pennys) at the base.

    We found our 4th letterbox on this journey outside of our hotel room in Springfield, Illinois.
    David helped us find another letter box near Normal, Illinois.

    David wanted to KEEP the Superman stamp when we found this letterbox outside of a Sears store in a local parking lot of a mall in Indianapolis, Indiana.  But instead, I stamped "Superman" on his arm and he was happy with that. 
    After lunch with HAM radio friend, Carol and Phil, and then reconnecting with MBI college friend, Naomi, we found another letterbox out back behind a local Cracker Barrel restaurant in Kokomo, Indiana.
    With Emily, we found 2 more letterboxes in Oklahoma.  One at a roadside park just before you enter into Texas and the other in a hotel parking lot in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

    I have a logbook that I use to record each of our letterbox finds.  Thanks, Glenn for embarking on this letter-boxing adventure when we take road trip.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2015

    WPW - Disclaimer - Blog 10 of 11

    [DISCLAIMER - For 6 weeks, Glenn and I traveled and I neglected my blog posting.  
    Here is an attempt to post some updates.]
      After traveling 3,500 miles up to Indiana and Illinois and sleeping in 19 different beds and visiting with countless friends along the way, Glenn and I settled in Dallas for a week of World Passion Week at Northwest Bible Church.

      It is our honor and privilege to represent this wonderful church and to be able to participate in the WPW2015.  Missionaries from many countries returned to tell their "story".

      NBC mission states:

      Inviting people
       into the unexpected joy
       of desperate dependence 
      on Jesus.  

      Think about it.  These are great words to think about and invest our lives in.
      Many of the WPW mission activities were cancelled because of ice and snow in the Dallas area.

      43 years ago, I took my very first mission trip as a teenager with 10 other teens from NBC. We traveled to Mexico and Guatemala.  We worked at Wycliffe in Mexico City and then at the Seminary in Guatemala City.  It was here, here in Guatemala, where I got my missionary call.  Yes, that was when I was a young person attending Northwest Bible Church.  And now here, again, I was taking part in a mission focused week, where it all started. 

       Thank you, NBC, for your impact in my life, our lives and so many others across the borders!!!

      Tuesday, March 17, 2015

      Emily Turns 2 - Disclaimer - Blog 9 or 11

      [DISCLAIMER - For 6 weeks, Glenn and I traveled and I neglected my blog posting.  
      Here is an attempt to post some updates.]
        Emily celebrated her 2nd birthday with us in Dallas.  She was born, February 22, 2013.  Uncle Rick and Aunt B, plus Aunt Sarah, Grandma Vi, GrandMommy and Granddaddy helped her celebrate her special day.

        Beautiful momma and daughter.
        4 Generations
        John and Frances (Grand Daddy and Grand Mommy)
        Judy (Grammie)
        Ellen (Momma)
        David, Emily and Lucy
        Grandma Vi, Ellen, Aunt Sarah and Emily
        Granddaddy, Grand Mommy with Ellen, Emily and Lucy
        Grandmommy (86 years old) with Lucy (5months old)
        Ellen with Lucy
        I'm thankful for Emily's 2 years of life.  She is a spunky little girl.  She has character, quick wit and loves to be goofy.  She repeats any words you say as she is beginning to talk on her own.  She loves anything pink.  Emily likes her Dora pillow and likes to hang on to her small purses.  She bugs her older brother and gives sweet kisses to her baby sister.  

        She is a perfect middle child.  
        Happy Birthday, Emily.