Friday, December 21, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Last week, Glenn and I invited Neil and Dianna Thomas to join us for lunch at Hotel Colonial in Antigua to celebrate Paul's 76th Birthday. We had a great lunch. Nice relaxing time of fellowship and food. We even got to watch the Volcano Agua spew a few times.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Volcano Activity - December 18

Last week, Glenn and I were up in Antigua for a few hours. As we were eatting lunch, I noticed that the nearby volcano, Fuego (which means Fire in Spanish) had just "burped". The smoke was billowing out from the top. Along the peak of the cone, the mountainside is covered with ash from previous explosions.

As we were driving into Antigua an hour before, we had noticed the active volcano was "spewing" up smoke.

This is a different Volcano, Agua (water in Spanish)- view from Antigua

Antigua is decorated with Christmas wreaths all through out the city


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Its Christmas time and the police are out in full force to get some extra income.

Dec 18, 2007 - Stopped by Police

What do you do when you get stopped twice in 1 week by the police? The first time, we were driving across the bridge to San Cristobal, here in the city, near the Armadillo church (because the building looks like the back of an Armadillo. Glenn showed the police all of our up-to-date documents on the vehicle. The police said we needed an authorized copy of the papers. Graciously he left us drive away without a ticket.

Two days later, we were driving to Chimaltenango and was stopped by the police. This time, the police said we needed to carry our passports with us. Glenn explained we don't like to have the orignial papers with us, in case we get robbed or the vehicle gets stollen. The Policeman was getting his pen out to write Glenn a ticket, then Glenn explained that we were missionaries here in the country. We were here to help the Guatemalans. That kinda got the policeman's attention. Then Glenn explained about SETECA and GBS (CAM's 2 Seminaries here in the country) and how we apart of that organization. The policeman smiled and said he was familiar with SETECA. Next time, we will "plug" TGNA radio station, because we're aware that many folks listen to this CAM Radio Station.

Thankfully, the policeman reminded us to get an authorized copy of our car papers and let us continue on our journey. NOTE: Glenn visited the lawyer earlier this week and got the "much needed" authorized copy of the papers.



Monday, December 17, 2007


Saturday evening, Gary flew from DFW to GUA. He was one of the last one to board the airplane. And before Gary turned his cell phone off, he called me here in Guatemala and said "Mom, what are the chances that Don Stackpole could be my pilot tonight?" I said "no way!" Then I heard in the back ground the spanish version of the flight attendants giving their "spill" about safety and all and I heard the flight attendant say "Don Stackpole as captain!"

I then encouraged Gary to give a note to the flight attendant to let Don know he was on the plane. Gary said "ohhh, no, Mom!"

The flight arrived around 9:30pm, however, Gary didn't come through immigrations for another 45 minutes. He just had his backpack and carry-on luggage with him.

At the new International Terminal at the Guatemala Airport, everyone and their brothers were there to meet someone off the flight. It was like a maze to try to get through the crowds and find who you are looking for. My neighbor, Kelly, told me that she was out at the airport the other day and she saw a car, not a van, that had 15 people get out of it. Amazing.

We did connect with Don as he was getting on his airport shuttle to the hotel where the crew stays. We told him that after we get Gary, we'ld come over and visit with him. We visited with Don at the local McDonalds (Gary was hungry) for some time. I told Don that the next time he works the DFW-GUA leg, I'ld fix him my Mexican Caserolle.

We first met Don through Cameron Hitchcock about 15 years ago when he flew down to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Don would often come and eat a meal at our house, we would often times include another missionary family too. On his long layover in Bolivia, Don and Glenn would play raquetball.

Small world? No big family.


Saturday, December 15, 2007


Last week, Glenn and I drove up to Chimaltenango, about 45 - 1 hour outside of the city, depending on traffic. We stopped along the side of the road and purchased several poinsetta plants. We enjoy giving these plants to the folks we minister to. We stopped by to see Shirley and Wilfred Johnson and also Clyde and Edith Murphy. Both of these couples have a rich history serving at GBS (Guatemala Bible Seminary) for 30+ years.

We were glad to be able to visit with them for a few minutes. Touch base and see how their holiday plans were coming along. Both couples have adult children and many grandchildren.

It is an honor to work together with them. I believe they appreciate the kind gesture of the poinsetta plant. On our way back to the capital city, we picked up Chris's vehicle and dropped it off at the mechanic's place. Never a dull moment, huh.

More later,


Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13, 2007


All year long, we have had our gardner shaping the back yard tree in a shape of the traditional Christmas Tree. Last week, he strung up the Christmas lights on the tree. The only sad part of this story, is that no one can see our tree, except us.

However, the story gets better. Glenn had our gardner put together our artificial Christmas tree in our house. You know how you just hate that time consuming task of getting the branches out of the box, laying the branches out and matching the color codes of the hard metal sticks, and then poking them into the frame of the tree? Well, this year, our gardner did it for Glenn. Glenn was quite pleased.

Merry Christmas
more later,


Monday, December 10, 2007

DEC 10, 2007

Last week, Nathan and Luke flew down to attend a friend's wedding here in Antigua. Nathan and Luke are #1 & #3 out of 11 kids of Danny and Kathy. Kathy and I were classmates at Moody 30+ years ago. We helped them get to Antigua and kinda orientated them a bit. Nate rented a car and was willing to take on the challenge of driving here in this crazy country. He did just fine, besides getting lost.

Saturday night, the boys came to stay with us for 2 days. We enjoyed visiting with them and hearing about the wedding experience the night before in Antigua. On Saturday, they climbed up to Pacaya, the active volcano just outside of the capital city.

Sunday, after attending Union church, we drove them to the Relief Map so they could get a perspective of the country and the mountains.

Sunday afternoon, we were hoping to be able to watch the Dallas Cowboys, but they were not being broadcasted down here. Or at least we couldn't get a channel to watch the game. Sunday night, we were able to watch my favorite episode of Amazing Race over at the Soderling's house.

While they Mockler boys were in Antigua, we introduced them to Paul Philippi. Besides visiting Paul with us, the boys got together again with Paul to learn more about his ministry and service here in Guatemala.


Friday, December 07, 2007

DECEMBER 7, 2007

Hospitality Check

Last Tuesday morning at 6:00am, Glenn and I drove to GUA airport and picked up Luke Mockler. Luke is here for a wedding in Antigua this weekend. Once he came through custom and immigration, we threw his carry-on luggage in the back of the van and headed straight to Antigua. Since we were leaving town, we drove "against" the traffic.

The drop-off point was the Central Plaza in Antigua. As we drove into the historic town, we turned onto Paul & Ruth Philippi's house. We called them up, they keyed their electric front gate, and we parked on their front yard. The Philippis' were just fixing to sit down and eat breakfast. I love it when people are "spur of the moment" type. We joined them for baked oatmeal and fresh fruit. And of course we had to listen to Paul's jokes. "If it wasn't true, it should have been!"

We dropped off Luke at the Hostel where his brother Nathan was staying. As we were driving to the Kendal's house, I noticed a pick-up truck with poinsettas. We purchased several. Gave one to Forrest and Carol, another one to Philippis and the last one to the Footes.

The Footes are new missionary couple, attending language school in Antigua. Paul and Ruth drove with us about 10 min. outside of the city to find the Footes new house that they are renting. We enjoyed our short visit with them.

We hadn't actually planned our day out like this, but we felt it was encouraging for the Philippis, Kendals and Footes and even our visitors, Nathan and Luke. We never know how each day turns out, but this was a sucessfull day.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

DECEMBER 1, 2007

The CAM Guatemala Family celebrated Thanksgiving Day in the historic old village of Antigua, just 45 minutes outside of the capital city.

We had the gathering in the back yard of Ruth and Paul Philippi's house in Antigua. Perfect location. Perfect weather. Perfect food.

I must say, Glenn did all the organizing of this gathering. We brought up old used tables and chairs from CAG to put out in the yard. Ruth did the table setting arrangements. 4 turkeys were prepared by different families.

After the feast, we had a short devotional time out under the huge palm trees in their front yard. Elisa S handed everyone Christmas gifts.

We're thankful for the CAM Guatemala family here in Guatemala.

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