Friday, October 31, 2008


On Dad's 80th birthday, we treked up a small hill in the snow. Look at those mountains!
This hiker was just starting out on a several hour hike.

Me, Glenn, G'mommy and G'daddy


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Celebrating 80th Birthday

Last week on Grand Daddy's 80th Birthday, we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park and also had a picnic lunch at the Stanley Hotel just up the hill in Estes Park.
Mom and Dad were having fun with the camera.

Historic Stanley Hotel


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A few days in Colorado

Glenn and I drove up to Colorado to spend a few days with G'mommy and G'daddy. They took the quicker route, as we picked them up at Denver Airport on Saturday, and we drove through Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas leaving the day before.

Elk sighting!
We walked around Sprauge Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park.
Picnic lunch. Everyday we ventured out into the national park and had a sandwich picnic lunch around noon time.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Colors in Colorado

Because of our job as Pastoral Care givers in Guatemala, we have learned that if we don't take time for ourselves and relax and get away, we too can "burn out". Many days, our job in Guatemala is 24/7 and its difficult to relax and get away.

Glenn and I have been able to share a few days together with my parents in a private cabin up in Estes Park, Colorado.

So, the next several blog entries will be about our trip to Colorado and the folks and people we met along the way.

More later,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Al and Gladys Platt

Al and Gladys Platt and daughter Brendy -

I have known Al and Gladys for over 30 years. I first met the Platts back in 1973, when I traveled to Guatemala with the High School youth group from Northwest Bible church in Dallas. This was my FIRST exposure to missions. And I loved it. I loved the Platts enthusiasm for missions.

I distinctively remember meeting the Platts who worked at the SETECA seminary in Guatemala City. I remember the youth taking a bus trip to Antigua and walking around the ruins in this old city. As Al gave us the tour of the convent, cathedral or even monastery, I remember asking him, "Do you dream in Spanish?" and his response was "Well, yes of course!" I thought to myself, "I'll never be able to dream in Spanish" and sure enough I haven't. :)

Al was the President of CAM (then Central America Mission) when Glenn rode his bicycle from Dallas to Colombia, SA, in 1976. Not only was CAM supportive of that ministry trip but Glenn and Ben Bakker had CAM missionary contacts throughout Central America.

I have always appreciated Al's sense of humor, quick wit and genuine love for the ministry. Our paths have crossed over the years through mission conferences at NBC and now that we are CAM pastoral care folks, our paths cross more often. I enjoy calling Al on the phone and getting an update on his family. And I love it when we can minister to folks in person.

Most recently, Glenn and I stopped by Newton, Kansas to personally visit the Platts and pray with them. Pray for Al who is the care-giver for his wife Gladys who is undergoing chemo again as well as caring for Brendy. Pray for Gladys as she receives help from others. And Pray for Brendy who is sad to see her mom struggle with cancer.

I count it a privilege to know the Platts and appreciate their ministry with CAM and RGBI over the years. Will you pray for the Platts with me today?


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Visit with Gary

Short visit with Gary in Siloam Springs, Arkansas - a few days ago.

Figure this one out. He wears a JBU (John Brown University) t shirt with a MBI (Moody Bible Institute) sweater.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Grand Daddy

Happy Birthday, Grand Daddy! Oct 23, 1928 80 years old TODAY!

Dad is a salesman. A very good salesman at that. He has sold trailers for 35+ years and more recently commercial signs. he will always be a salesman. he is a coach. he coached Rick and Ronnie's Boys Baseball, football, basketball and Y teams when they were in elementary school. he attended every single game. he still attends the Lake Highlands football games on Friday nights along with his son, Rick, grandson, Brian and great grandson, Camp.

Ask him about the time he blew a whistle while watching my 7th grade Jr. high basketball game. he got mad at the ref who wasn't making the calls correctly. I think he got thrown out of the game. I remember G'daddy giving me pearl earrings when Ellen was born.

Dad and Mom have been on many adventures with us. They came to visit us in Bolivia 2 times and Dad came down a 3rd time for Ellen's graduation in 2000. They have also visited us in Guatemala for Gary's graduation last year. They've always have said, "If it wasn't for their kids creating ways for them to travel, they would not have been to so many places." They have traveled to England with Sherrie and Steve a while back and right now, Mom and Dad are with us in Colorado. Colorado - wow, what a place to spend your 80th birthday! Estes Park, Colorado.

Dad can get impatient at times. A remark around the dining room table when we were younger and someone spilt the milk was "you were just playing". We still laugh at the "on-going-family-joke". Dad is a people person. No one is a stranger to my dad. He never forgets anybody. All of our friends think the world of mom and dad, and so do their 4 kids.

He married his high school sweetheart nearly 60 years ago. He has mowed the yard every week in his entire adult life and he has never missed out watching a Dallas Cowboy game. He can sleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Thank you, Dad for your example of love to me and to the rest of the family. We love you. Happy Birthday!

Judy and Glenn

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guess who we ran into at the Fair?

Cowboys #33 - Tony Dorsett. Glenn was thrilled to meet him. He was purchasing some corn on the cob and we got this picture.

Big TEX!

Fletcher's Corny dogs. The best! And a must.

More later,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Its my Birthday

For the past several weeks I have been posting about my brothers, sisters, nieces and new nephews' birthdays and stuff. Looks like this every year, we have a slew of birthdays all at once in September and October. October is a good month. As a child, I always enjoyed the State Fair, football games and cooler weather. And I still do, even though I'm 52.

As I reflect back on my years, I'm thankful for my parents who brought me into this world. They showed me unconditional love. They were at every concert, field trip, birthday party and awards ceremony. Mom and Dad have journeyed with us as we transported our family to opposite seasons in Bolivia. They have journeyed with us as we have introduced them to our missionary family and friends in South America and now in Guatemala. They are our real champions.

I'm also thankful for a loving husband of nearly 29 years years. Glenn you have cheered, comforted me, laughed with me and cried with me. You are a perfect example of a true servant in your ministry and in our marriage. I appreciate the way you love me and love our kids. I love you. (Thank you for doing the dishes!)

I'm also thankful for my 3 kids. All so different and beautiful in their own personalities.

Ellen was the one who got the beautiful voice - I sure didn't. Ellen was the one who made the A's in school - I sure didn't. I love you Ellen.

I'm thankful for Karen, who likes to be spontaneous, make spur of the moment decisions to travel with me to Paris for the weekend or likes to watch the Amazing Race. Karen got the gift of languages - I sure didn't. I love you Karen.

And then there is Gary, who is patient with my computer questions, loves to be around people and be the life of the party, likes to cross stitch and who says to me "I love you mom!" I love you too, Gary.

Happy Birthday to me.

Signed by a mother who is blessed with wonderful parents, a loving husband and 3 beautiful children.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Unique Flowers

Last week, Glenn and I were visiting Marge (Ann Henrique's mother) and as we walked down the pathway to her home, we came across these unique plants and flowers.

Beautiful, huh?


Thursday, October 16, 2008

The CA church in Antigua, Guatemala

Duke White, from CAM Dallas, visits the CA church in Antigua
Sunday School Class

Veteran and retired missionary, Paul Philippi, leads the men's Sunday school class.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More GBS snapshots

Ann Henriques

Me and Chris
Me, Karin and Judy
Steve, Wilfred and Elisa
Random Shots during the GBS graduation.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Special Recognition of Service

Clyde and Edith Murphy, CAM missionaries here in Guatemala, have served in many capacities at GBS. During the graduation ceremony, they were acknowledged for their 37 years of service here and were showered with applause and recognition. Their daughter, Judy Murphy also serves as a CAM missionary and attended the special service.
The artist of the painting is a GBS graduate from several years ago.

Admiring the work.

Thank you Edith and Clyde for your unselfish dedication to the ministry of CAM, GBS and to the students as well. You are true servants of the Lord and we count it a privilege to serve and work alongside of you. What an example. Thank you.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Karin R's visit to Guatemala

Karin and Pollo Campero delivery motorcycle

Karin met some CAM Interns who are studying Spanish in Antigua

Lunch with the Conners, Philippis (55th anniversary) and Cokers

Visiting at SETECA - Glenn, Karin and Gary Williams

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting CAM Dallas staff person, Karin. She works in Mobilization and is focusing on teams. We brought Karin along with us as we went about our daily activities. She met up with missionary professors at SETECA and GBS. She traveled out to PatzĂșn and LBN with Spaughs and visited the Foots and Thomas' in Panajachel. Of course eating Pollo Campero was on our to do list. I think she got to meet and learn about each of the CAM missionaries and their ministries. Her last night, we had lasagna with Dan and Laurie Anderson and their family in our home. Her trip was fast and furious, however she attended a GBS graduation ceremony, ground breaking ceremony at SETECA, an orphanage, "the dump", the PatzĂșn ministry, LBN ministry and even had visited Sandi Glick in the hospital. Just about everything, huh?

I like Karin because she likes to travel. So we compared notes on the latest travel bargains and deals. She does facebook too.

Thank you, Karin, for your visit and your ministry with CAM. We look forward to your helpfulness in future ministries here in Guatemala and CAM worldwide.