Thursday, September 28, 2006


Several days last week, as Glenn and I were driving through the city, there were about ½ dozen occasions when I would notice that a worker would turn and face a pile of bricks and then “let it loose”. I’m going, “well, when you got to go, you got to go!”

You know those large steel trailer cages that transports automobiles, usually about 8 – 10 cars, some parked at a angle on top of each other? Well, picture this. Last week, we pasted one of those trucks and trailer that was completely empty. Yet, there were 4 guys that had strung up their 2 hammocks between the steel bars and were taking a nap in the hammock as the driver was swerving through traffic. What an ingenious and creative idea way to travel through the streets of downtown Guatemala?

As we were driving over to pick up Stephanie the other day, Glenn says “Hey, look over there!” It was a whole family of 4 on a motorcycle stopped at the light. Front row seat was a toddler, then the dad or driver, another child sandwiched between the mother. And then it got even funnier. The dad was poking the front child that was sitting near the handlebars, trying to keep the child awake. You know when you are asleep, you are like dead weight, but you can’t go to sleep while driving through these streets.

Friday, September 22, 2006

SNAPSHOTS of the Countryside in GUATEMALA

Recently, we took a drive about 3 hours outside of Guatemala City. You think Nebraska or Iowa grows the corn? Just look at these cornfields. We were on our way to Lake Aticlan and drove on curvy roads through the cornfields. At some spots, it looked like a giant patchwork quilt. The mountains are steep, and I have heard of farmers falling out of their cornfield and dieing.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Independence Day
Today, Septebmer 15, is Independence Day for Guatemala. Much like 4th of July in the states. No work, no school This evening, we're going to a pot luck dinner at neighbors house. Gary is with his friends. They are having a Mattrix marathon. Watching back to back Mattrix movies. Folkls here are flying the blue and white Guatemalan flag on the houses and cars.

Monday, September 11, 2006

KAREN and GARY Saying GoodBYE


Has it been nearly a month since we dropped Karen off at Moody? Yes, time does fly when you get older, doesn't it.

On Wednesday, we got Karen all moved into her room. Gary helped put the bed up higher and hooked up her computer. Dad hung the curtains and moved the furniture around. Karen's roommate is a continueing student so we haven't met her.

We ate lunch at Giodonios pizza (same place we had Ellen's graduation family dinner). Glenn surprised us and picked us up in a Mustang. Then drove it back to the school. During the parent orientation, we met Karen's next door (Erin) neighbor's parents. There were about 20 students who's parents went to Moody also (Glenn and me included). We got a group picture of that. After supper, we had a special parent/child worship service in TG. It was where we dedicated our child to their studies at Moody, and then when the students prayed for their parents also. It was very nice.

We walked out to the parking lot and waved Karen good by. She hardly knew anyone. But is now getting around.

The next morning, (4am), I drove Glenn and Gary to Ohare airport and they flew on back to DAllas, and then to Guatemala the same evening. I headed on south towards Memphis. I stopped along the way at many Wal-mart stores, to walk around and stretch my legs. I made it to DAllas the next day. Not a bad time. All the while, I was addressing and writing notes on our prayer letter and stuffing the envelope with our new prayer card. I did this at the rest stops and stuff.