Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy 50th Anniversary to Carl and Pat!!!
Quick Trip to Panajachel
Last Thursday, we learned that Gary was going on a Service weekend trip to a local orphanage and would be gone for 2 nights, so Glenn and I decided in a quick moment to drive up to Panjachel for some R & R. When we got there we found out that Pat and Carl Wallace, friends of the Kaspers, and host/hostess of LBN were celebrating their 50th Anniversary.
We took the Wallaces out to celebrate at Hotel Atitlan. Beautiful setting on the shore of Lake Atitlán. I had a shiskbob and Glenn had pork chops. We enjoyed watching the evening setting of the sun over the 2 volcanoes on the other side of the shore.
The 4 of us enjoying a nice dinner over looking the lake

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Karen and her friends
Doug and Nancy Hastings

Karen and Boyfriend

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More shots from Moody Founder's weekBoyfriend and Karen

Whitney Tunney, MBI student that will be doing her internship this summer in MExico, Roger Bassick, WMBI dj, and me

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Shots during the Saturday Alumni Luncheon
The Saturday afternoon luncheon was a special treat, as I sat at the table with several folks that graduated 50 years ago. It blessed my heart to meet these new friends. I hope to see them again next year.

Jean (Brisco) Smith ('57) with her rommmate Dora Lou (Waggener) Hansen'58, her Maid of Honor Beverly (Hunt) Moritz ('59), her friend, June (Rovig) Perry ('57) whom she supported for 20+ years serving in Ghana with SIM,and her little 'sis' Joanna (Newcombe) Young having attended in 1958.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007

Brief Report on Founder's week.
Glenn and I have been up in Chicago since Sunday, Feb 4th. We attended Alumni Board meetings during the Super Bowl Game. During the break, I did walk up to 2nd floor ASC to watch about 2 plays. Right after the kickoff, someone at our table got a phone call announcing the opening Chicago touchdown.

Monday morning we had Board meetings. In the afternoon, there were 4 large Alumni gatherings for the classes celebrating their 10th, 25th, 40th and 50th reunion. The class of 1957 had over 160+ folks return for their special 50th reunion.

Tuesday was Alumni Day. We had the normal sermons in the morning, then the Banquet followed by the class reunions. I asked to monitor the class reunion of 1977.

Tuesday evening was the announcement of the Alumni of the Year. Bob Conrad. Bob graduated in 1960 and has served with Wycliffe nearly 50 years. He has worked on many translations. Bob and Joanne attend Grand Prairie Bible Church. Joanne's neice is Carol Boerckel (our good friends from Bolivia days). Carol's brother, Tom, was the youth director back in 1992 at GPBC, under Michael. During the banquet, we connected Tom and Michael briefly.

Glenn and I usually stay several days after our Alumni Board meetings, to help out at the alumni office. Yesterday, we helped with the distant learning reception up at Moody Church. And we also ate in the SDR with Karen and Boyfriend. Glenn ran into Dan Gute (Ben Lippen class mate) and also his son, is on Karen's brother floor. SMall world. No big family.

Today, we're meeting with several MBI students that are signed up to do their internship with CAM in Mexico and Honduras.

More later.

Aumnus of the Year Award
Bob Conrad

Bob and Joanne have served with WBT in PNG for many years. They currently attend GPBC. Joanne's niece is Carol (Klophestine) Boerckel, our good friends from LaPaz and now Moline, Il. Scott and Carol drove over for the special night. Carol's brother, Tom, came too. Here's a picture of Tom and Michael. Tom was youth director under Michael many many years ago.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A day in Panajachel
Glenn and I drove last week out to Panajachel to visit with Jim and Cheryl Eberline. We enjoyed a very relaxing sandwhich overlooking the Lake Atitlán. The view was just spectacular

What a view?
This is nearly as good as a postcard!
Stamping Heaven

Last month, I spent a whole week working on Birthday cards for the CAM missionaries. Fun project and very relaxing.So, I attend a Stamping Convention in Mesquite and they call my number. I won the lottery! I had 1 1/2 hours to spend 100.00$ That didn't take long, but it was difficult to decide what I wanted to purachase.
More Friends Estephan and Karen were here in Guatemala, so we went out for dinner with the Henriques. Estephan is a current Moody student that will graduate this May. He also went to SCCLC with our girls. Karen, his wife graduated last year from Moody. Glenn use to greet her with "Viva Mexico" when she would carry the Mexican flag at Founder's week and other activities
Loyal and Kathy came for a 2 day visit. We enjoyed Pollo Campero and also going to the Relief Map. We also spent time at SETECA
Bolivian Reunion. Tom and Mariellyn Hilgeman, us and the Kaspers all from Bolivia days
Visiting with Trisha Downie, her mom and new baby

Last Thursday, we went over to the Camino Real Hotel and visited with Trisha and her mom. Trisha is down for a week to be with her adopted daughter. We met Trisha and her husband back in November in an Open Market in Antigua. We enjoyed a nice Mexican lunch. The Tortilla Soup was delicious. It was great to hear Trisha's story. The family is good friends with Toby and Marillyn Castiell in Cuernavaca Mexico, that also work with CAM