Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Craycraft wedding

The Bride and Groom

Abby, Jan's mom and Jan

Saturday, I drove quickly up to Oklahoma City to attend Abby's wedding. Her mom, Jan, is a good friend from Moody days. Jan lived next door on Houghton 4 my Senior Year. Jan sang in our wedding back in 1980 and we have remained in contact all these years. The outdoor wedding went off without a hitch. There was no wind, just beautiful sunshine.


Monday, September 29, 2008

The Sketch Drawing

Sketching it on the piece of paper - (see my 9/22/08 blog entry)

Final product
Friday night during my Alumni Board meetings, I met up with Thomas and Karen and was able to give the key chain holder to the newlyweds.
Guess where we ate dinner?

More later,


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sherrie

Aunt Sherrie with her favorite Bolivian Nephew (cousin Kyle in the background)

Sherrie and Steve (her Knight in Shining Armour)

Me (nearly 52)
Birthday girl, Sherrie (46 today)
and G'mommy (nearly 80- she doesn't look that old)

Happy Birthday, Sherrie! So, I called her this morning from Guatemala and she has a packed day filled with going to her kids' soccer games. You gotta love soccer. Sherrie is a "soccer mom".:)

Sherrie has been my baby sister. While growing up, our ages were so different that we didn't fight. While I was going to college, she was still in Junior high. Then over night she grew up. Sherrie is a great Aunt for my kids. She and Steve have always made my kids feel special, even though we were miles apart. She is creative in celebrating their birthdays, especially when each of my kids turned 13. Even today, she calls my kids regularly every week to see how they are doing. Thank you, Sherrie!

Sherrie's hands are full with 4 growing kids. She enjoys soccer, being involved in her kids' lives, reading (thanks for introducing me to the Karen Kingsbury series), keeping track of finances on Quicken and being with friends and family. She is forever trying to convince me that I should highlight my hair. I am satisfied with my natural gray streaks - cheaper that way. :)

Sherrie's family - Molly 13, Sherrie, Michelle 6, Steve, Stephen 7 and Haley 15

Now to set the record straight. That was MY yellow Schwinn Bicycle that I purchased with my babysitting money, that I took with me up to Moody, stored in North Hall and rode it on beautiful days up and down Lake Shore Drive. *Smile*

Happy Birthday, Sherrie! Enjoy your day with family and friends. Thank you for being a special sister and Aunt to my kids.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today, Sept 27, 2008


Friday, September 26, 2008

Connecting with Students

Micah Roseberry
Mom and Son
Derek and Erin (footnote - Derek's grandparents served in Guatemala for many years with CAM International)
Moody students, Liz Bierlein and Erin Crocker

The past Alumni Board meetings, we intentionally connected with students. On Wednesday night, I spoke to girls on Smith 6 floor. I used my "boarding passes" to tell my story. The girls enjoyed hearing stories about how Moody was in my days. We talked about dating, studies and future plans. I ran into Karen's former roommates, Melinda and Erin.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moody Alumni Board meetings

Last week, I attended the Fall Alumni Board meetings. It was Homecoming, recently known as Gnimocemoh (homecoming spelled backwards), in which there were lots of opportunities to interact with the students.

Jessie White Tumblers presentation

Chapel on the Plaza - Gospel Choir.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday, Son! Gary

Gary Glenn Stewart - 20 years old now!

Chicken and Dumplings, Cornbread, Black-eye Peas, Green Salad and Corn on the Cob! The birthday cake was G'mommy's famous Strawberry Short-Cake made with alternating layers of cooked pie crust, strawberries and whipped cream.

Grandmommy is the best cook in the world!

Gary drove down frm JBU with 3 other friends to attend a concert on his Birthday. Grandmommy and Granddaddy served him his favorite meal on Sunday afternoon before heading back to Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Happy Birthday, Gary!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Leaving a Legacy - Grandma Archer

  • Catching Lorraine with her Bible open as she had her morning devotions
  • Working with her on VBS crafts at GPBC back in the 1980s
  • Gary and Glenn mowing her yard and being fed cookies, milk and ice cream
  • Driving her to church
  • Visiting her home during furloughs and having her delicious pork chops and potato casserole
  • Being on the receiving end of great friendship
  • Seeing her smile when she talked about her kids and grand kids
  • Glenn fixing her car
  • Grabbing M & M's candy in her Grand Prairie apartment
  • Sitting by her at Helen's Sunday School class
Grandma Archer died on Sunday, September 21. She had a special place in my heart. She was the example of a Godly woman and grandmother. I count it a high privilege to have known her, to know her kids and grand kids. She left a great legacy. I will miss dropping by the Retirement Center in Longview, Texas and seeing Grandma Archer - however in the later years, I went there for my sake, not for hers. She would not remember me. Many times she would confuse Glenn with her son Hugh.

Thank you, Grandma Archer, for your friendship, your prayers, and loving example. You will be dearly missed by many.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Key Holder

Several months ago, Karen asked if I could get them a Key Chain holder for the wall. She wanted something different and unique. I thought with the creativity of the Guatemalans here, that I could come up with something.

Since Thomas loves to read, study and dig into the Word of God, I sketched some books, each depicting Thomas and Karen's journey apart and together. I contacted my friend Carol who knows a believer who does metal work.

I was thinking what books definitely define and describe Karen and Thomas' lives. They both love The Word of God. One no brainer was a TEXAS book, then a Bolivia book which depict Karen's roots and heritage. They both attended Moody Bible Institute. Thomas grew up in a suburb of Chicago. And finally, Thomas loves Biblical languages, Greek and Hebrew.

The final product. How cool is this? The books are listed and the family name of BARTZ is along the bottom.

Only one of a kind.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

EMUSA final night

During the month of August and into September, there were weekly concerts celebrating the 15 years of the music program here at SETECA. The 15 year birthday (quinceaƱera) is a special event in the Spanish speaking world. And it is the same with the music Department. Happy 15 years!

On the final night, former Guatemala missionaries, now located in Mexico and S. Texas, Phil and Arlene Blycker, returned to perform and help celebrate the 15 year event. It was great to visit with them.
As pastoral care missionaries, one of our privileges is to attend and enjoy special events like this. We sent an email out to the CAM missionaries here in the city and asked who wanted to join us for the Friday night event. We picked up 2 other missionaries in our neighborhood. It was fun to visit and encourage them as we drove to and from SETECA.

More later.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

100,000 miles

Glenn was so thrilled when he looked down and noticed that our odometer on our Toyota Hi Ace van had turned over 100,000!

So, we had to stop and take a picture.

We were on our way to visit our friend Don.

So my guest book comes in handy. I flipped back and noticed the first time Don visited us in Bolivia, back in 1992. And as I flipped through it, I noticed numerous times when Don would have dinner with us, play raquetball with Glenn and then i would hand him a stack of mail to drop in the USA mailbox on his return trip to the states.

I fixed my famous Mexican Casserol. That is Don's favorite.

Glenn and Don

We made a quick trip to Antigua and got caught up on old times.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Philippis and Stoddards

Last week, we had the opportunity to reconnect with Paul and Ruth Philippi and David and Diana Stoddard. Every time we drive up and over to Antigua, we like to make a quick stop at our dear retired friends, Paul and Ruth.

This particular day, we had new arrivals David and Diana with us. Dave is a CAM missionary kid having grown up here in Guatemala. He attended Huehue Academy and then for his high school years, he attended Ben Lippen High School in Asheville, North Carolina. Get this, Glenn and David were in the same graduating class of 1973.

The Stoddards are TEAM missionaries on loan to SETECA. We look forward to re-connecting with them and working together.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Labor Day - Hospitality Check

Look who I ran into at CAM Center. The Kaspers were in town for a few days. Shirley and Bob are dear friends who have been a great encouragement to Glenn and me.

See June 8, 2008 blog entry.

Shirley has even gone garage sale shopping for me. Thanks, Shirley, for those TV trays.

While visiting with Kaspers, I found out that the Howers had loaded up their U-haul and arrived from Canada and were moving into their home in Rowlett.

An added blessing on top of this was that Lois Carey had traveled down to Texas to help the Howers move. I first met Lois last year when she was on a work team here in Guatemala. See my March 18, 2007 blog entry.

Larry and Jayme Hower's kid, Jody and Abril and grandkids, along with Brock Hower all helped with the big move in.

We look forward to working along side and together with the Howers now that they are closer to Dallas.


Monday, September 15, 2008

4th of July in Guatemala

Guatemala Independence Day - Sept 15, 1821. It turns out that all of Central America shares this date (Independence from Spain). There are different types of celebrations.

I hear there is a torch that starts in Guatemala on Sept 14 and is carried all the way to Costa Rica by the 15th. The lighting of the torch starts in Antigua, the original capital for Guatemala. There are a few "local" torches along the way. Its a big marathon. Lots of people on the roads. Lots of yellow school buses. People are decorated in their skyblue and white colors (just like our red, white and blue). It can be a nightmare for driving.

Today is Guatemala's Independence Day. It is very much like the 4th of July in the States. Businesses are closed. People are taking off and enjoying the long 3 day weekend.

As we drove into Antigua on Sunday morning, we noticed tons and tons of yellow school buses that were packed with youth and kids. We passed several local torches along the way.

Happy Birthday, Guatemala

Happy Birthday Guatemala

Today, we are celebrating our "4th of July". Its a national holiday. Schools and businesses are closed. Guatemala is 188 years old toady. Most of Central America are celebrating.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

CAM retirees in Tahlequah, Oklahoma

A few of the CAM retirees living at Go Ye Village in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Glenn and I count it a privilege to visit the CAM retirees at Go Ye Village. Wow, what a rich heritage these dear folks have.

They have such a deep rich prayer life and are truely servants of the Lord.

We had a nice lunch together and were able to share an update of CAM's ministry. Now of course we had more information on Guatemala since we live here.

John and Janet Beverage lived in and worked for years in Guatemala. Then they served on staff at Dallas Seminary and now have retired to Go Ye Village.

Ken Spaugh's parents live in Go Ye Village. Their son, Ken, works with us here in Guatemala.

As I walked away from a delightful afternoon visiting these dear SAINTS of the Lord, I was encouraged in my soul to continue on my missionary path. I am deeply impressed with their devotion to the Lord and their prayer support for us.

If you really want some good prayer warriors, then seek out the Godly missionaries of years gone by. They are truly missionaries and know what its like to live by faith, how to really trust the Lord for strength, provision, health and wisdom.

Thank you, CAM retirees! We appreciate your prayers for all of us.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Bults, Krafts and Wallaces

Back in August, Aaron Kraft (from CAM Center Dallas) brought down 2 couples from Dallas Theological Seminary for a week of ministry here in Guatemala.

Aaron borrowed our Honda Passport for the several days they were in country. They visited different ministries here in Guatemala.

The Bults are MBI graduates and are CAM appointees heading to Mexico. However, I encouraged them to reconsider and think about moving to and working here in Beautiful Guatemala.

Brandon and Zanna Wallace left a day early because of a death in the family.

During their days here we loaned them our car for transportation and an extra cell phone for communication. We listened to them and asked probing questions. We know God has special plans for these couples. Pray that the Bults and Wallaces will continue to seek the Lord in His direction for ministry and work.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meet Jackie Kraft

Jackie is now officially Jackie Kraft, having been adopted by our friends, Aaron and Carrie Kraft from Texas.

Follow the journey - look at my blog entry for June 13.

The adoption process started months ago, just days after Jackie was born. Aaron and Carrie flew down to Guatemala back in May to hold their baby daughter for the first time. Then Aaron was down here in mid August leading a mission trip and was able to visit with Jackie again.

Drum roll.....then just last week, Labor Day weekend, Aaron flew down to sign the final papers and take Jackie back to the states. Wow, what an exciting time for the Kraft family.

Jackie lived in a foster home near Zone 1. Her foster mom's names was Jackie also.

What a neat time to share with the Krafts during this adoption process.

Jackie really took a "liking" to her dad.

We praise the Lord for Jackie's life and now her new beginning with her new family. We pray for easy transition for the entire Kraft family. Jackie joins her 4 year old brother, Jonathan, who is also from Guatemala.

More later,