Saturday, October 07, 2017

Lucy's 3rd birthday

Happy Birthday Lucy!
3 years old

Glenn and I spent a few extra days in Denver to help Lucy celebrate her 3rd birthday.

The girls helped me bake some chocolate chip cookies!
GrandDad enjoyed reading to the kids before David had to head off to school (First Grade)
We had a Birthday Breakfast at Chic-fil-A.
We enjoyed our time at the Littleton Museum.

consists of two living history farms
(one representing  the 1860’s and one representing the 1890’s)

check it out, if you live in the Denver area.
It's FREE!
followed by an evening

Birthday Party with cake and ice cream.  Bluebell Ice Cream
David got a new bicycle from his school.
And I spent as much time as I could holding little Elizabeth.  She was nearly 6 months here.  Such a sweet baby.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Tom Landry

We went "Letterboxing".
(check the websites and links about Letterboxing and Atlas Quest)

The guys were kinda complaining about the idea of going "letterboxing", you get the picture.  I wanted to do the "letterboxing experience" with them, wanted to show them a "positive time."  So, I suggested that we go see the burial site of coach Tom Landry.  We paid our respects and recounted some stories also.  (BTW, we didn't see the letterbox after all, even though I had already found the letterbox on several other occasions).

We walked back to our RAV 4 and sitting in the car, we notice a black SUV stopping nearby.  The driver got out and walked around the front of the vehicle and opened the passenger door for an elderly woman.

We noticed they walked to the Tom Landry grave site.  Glenn said, "That's Mrs. Landry!"  Glenn rapidly walked towards them with Jeff following closely behind.  I followed them also.  Sure enough!  

Glenn asked, "Are you related to Coach Landry?" 
The man quietly replied, "Kind of, I'm his son."

We introduced ourselves to Tom Jr and Mrs. Landry.  Glenn mentioned how we enjoyed Tom's example of the life of Christ that he lived.

Jeff asked if we could pray for them. They agreed and Jeff prayed for Tom Jr and his dear mother, Alicia Landry.

We also asked to take a picture.  

Before we walked away, I asked the question, 
"why are you here?"  

Tom Jr. said that Sept 11, was Coach Landry's birthday.

I call this a "divine appointment".

Go Cowboys!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Post Cruise Activities with Boerckels and Orcutts

Our last day in Vancouver, as we departed our separate ways, we had a brief time of sharing our stories, recounting fun times we had experienced together, counting God's blessings and a time of prayer and thanksgiving. We're thankful for great friendships.

We took the bus and subway which took us to YVR.  You can't go to Canada if you don't stop in at a Tim Hortons.
The Orcutts flight was cancelled because of Hurricane Irma that struck Florida.  So, they ended up staying 2 days in Dallas with us.  We stopped by to see Jordan at the Camino office.  Jordan's parents served with us and the Orcutts back in the day in Bolivia.

We enjoyed a bicycle ride around White Rock Lake.  Way to go Kathy!  Thanks, Rick, for loaning us your recumbent bicycles.

The next day, we got a text from the Boerckels and their connecting AA flight in Phoenix was delayed and they mis-connected with their flight in DFW.  It was a good thing that my parents opened their home again.

Texas size cinnamon roll at Norma's Cafe, courtesy of the Boerckels.

So after our wonderful time with the Boerckels and Orcutts in Alaska and Canada, we still had a few days in Dallas together because of weather and mechanical problems.

  Always good to be flexible, especially with friends.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Feast for Our Eyes ALASKA Part 2

Day 4:

In Skagway, we took the White Pass and Yukon Route train for 30 miles into Canada.  There were switchbacks, and beautiful bridal veil falls that we saw.

At the top of the pass, we rode our bicycles mostly down hill back to town.  What a ride! 

I'm not lying, it was a pretty miserable ride down.  Rainy.  Cold.  Dreary.

one of my favorite shots.

Day 5:
 Ketchikan, Alaska

 We did the traditional "lumberjack show".  Quite entertaining!
 I loved it when we got dressed up for dinner time.
Jeff and Scott did karaoke one night.

We celebrated precious friendships that 
started out in 1 foreign country (Bolivia)
  now spans 3 decades,
 2 states and 1 country 
 and 3 marriages 
that have produced children
 and now many grandchildren for each couple.

Day 6:
 The Inside Passage

On Sunday, Sept 10, as Hurricane Irma was making landfall on the state of Florida, we gathered for a worship service.  Several other guests on the NCL Sun joined us.  One gal, Kim, came into our service with a heavy heart, as her trailer home was right in the path of the storm on the Florida West coast.  We cried.  
We prayed.
  An hour later, Kim left encouraged and with some new friends.

 Day 7:
Arriving into Vancouver, British Colombia

Our day in Canada

"Ok, lets follow directions and we can get to our AirBnB!"
We took the subway, city bus and then walking several blocks in the wrong direction, however we recovered and made it to our AirBnB.

We had a plan.  Lets explore Stanley Park.

"Where are we going?"

We rode 13 miles around Stanley Park.  Had a blast!  We stopped several times to soak up the beauty. 
 We took a bus to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.  Trees were huge.

The following day, Glenn and I flew on the "red-eye" back to Dallas.  Our trip was over.  But wait!! Or was it?
Next post will be about our "post-Cruise" adventures.