Monday, September 01, 2014

Final Flight for Captain Russell

 Glenn and I were beyond honored and blessed to be on the very last flight of our good friend, Scott, otherwise known as #19 in seniority with AA, or even #6 for those pilots based out of DFW.
The night before, the crew enjoyed a retirement party at a local German restaurant.  Scott received some beautiful gifts and appreciation from the pilots and flight attendants.
The Stewart-Russell Selfie
The crew decorated a poster board and we carried that to the 
 and then posted it in the cabin on the final flight the following day.
Scott got lots of gifts to remember his retirement.

On Friday morning, before leaving the Novetel Hotel in Mainz, the crew gave Scott several helium balloons that he ceremoniously let fly away - just like flying off into his retirement.
Final crew picture of Captain Russell with wife Barbara and rest of the AA crew members who worked Scott's last flight, AA 71, FRA - DFW August 29, 2014.  That is 36.5 years of employment with AA and 6 years previously in the military.
Final stop - FRA.

Walking through the airport the last time.
The atmosphere on the airplane was festive and light.  Passengers clapped as they introduced Scott's retirement flight.

 {photo by Barbara R}
Then upon arrival into DFW, the 777 was greeted by the traditional
 Water Cannon Salute
 with the plane rolling slowly underneath the water spray from the fire engines .
Then Scott stood at the door and greeted everyone as they strolled off the 777.
{photo by Barbara R}

Then we were greeted by ground personnel to congratulate Scott on his retirement.

 Grandmommy and GrandDaddy came out to pick us up and got to greet the newly retired Captain.

Our friendship started in Bolivia, South America 18 years ago.

AA Captain Cameron goes to see our missionary friend Jeff and Kathy.
Next, Captain Cameron introduces us to first officer Don.
Several weeks later, Don flies down with AA Captain Scott and
the rest is history.  

We've been friends and were blessed by his visits in Bolivia.  Scott played racquetball with Glenn.  Then when we moved to Guatemala, Scott and his family have visited numerous times.  Barbara is a professional licensed counselor and has helped many Camino missionary families with her helpfulness, her love and her insights into our challenging work and ministry.

Thank you Scott for your 36.5 years of work with American Airlines.  We wish you the very best in your retirement years.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Neuschwanstein Castle and Other Sites

It was on my bucket list.
Neuschwanstein Castle.
Check that off!

As we waited in line for the tour, we enjoyed a taste of Pretzel!

On the way to Lindendorf castle the next day, we enjoyed the lazy road winding through the Alps in Northern Austria and then back into Germany an hour or so later.  
It took our breath away when we saw this lake and mountain.  The Lech River and the adjoining lake had this very unusual turquoise color to it.

This palace was just as gorgeous as the previous castle.  We enjoyed a nice stroll through the gardens.
Then it was off to Oberammagau where the Passion Play is presented every 10 years.  Next time will be 2020.  This quaint little town had unique buildings.
Following along the Romantic Road, we stopped to see the Wieskirche Church. Wow!
Then, the following day we stopped in the town of Ulm and enjoyed a 30 minute organ concert in this cathedral. It is the tallest church in Europe.
We stayed in the small village of Dinkelsbuhl, very similar, however not as touristy as Rothenburg.
Each day, we purchased local bread, ham and cheese and made ourselves an open face sandwich.  We'd stop and eat it along with fresh fruit such as an apple or an orange.  
We would sit on a park bench and watch the world walk by.
Glenn drove 160 km an hour on the auto-bahn.  I just shut my eyes.
In Fussen, we strolled through the streets hand and hand.
We even ate some Spaghetti Ice Cream,
a local favorite!
"Spaghetti" - Ice Cream
"Tomato Sauce" - Strawberry Sauce
"Parmesan  cheese" - White Chocolate Sprinkles

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Retirement Flight

Glenn and I joined retiring AA Captain, Scott, and his wife, on his 
next-to-last flight
 and on
 his final flight
 before his retirement effective early September.  

By the way Scott, 
Happy Birthday!
Happy Retirement!

We are taking advantage of a few days here in Germany.

We rented a car and traveled to Rothenburg, the famous walled, medieval city.
We took the Night Watchman's tour of the old City.  Very Fascinating!

On Friday, August 29th, we fly back to DFW from FRA on Captain Scott's last flight before his retirement.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Moody Calendar

For the second year in a row, one of my photos has been chosen to represent the Moody Bible Institute Scripture Calendar.

November 2013 displayed a photo I took with my good friend Virginia S, while visiting in Panajachel, Guatemala.  We were enjoying a beautiful sunset overlooking Lake Atitl├ín.

June 2014 displays a photo I took while a team from Grand Prairie Bible Church was ministering here in Guatemala back in 2012.  I remember going up to Judy V. while at Guatemala Bible Institute in Chimaltenango and asking her "What are you taking a picture of?" and she pointed out the beautiful purple flower.

It gets better.  Moody will be using one of my photos in the upcoming 2015 Scripture Calendar! :)

I'm thankful for the education that both Glenn and I received over 40 years ago while we prepared ourselves for ministry in missions.  And then I think about the long heritage we have at that great school.  Glenn's parents both graduated from MBI in the 1950's, Glenn's grandmother was dorm mother in the 50's and 60's, and then 2 of our 3 children both graduated from Moody Bible Institute.

  4 Generations.  
There is more to come.