Monday, May 23, 2016

CAG Graduation

Saturday, we attended the High School Graduation for Jonathan.  Born in El Salvador, adopted by American missionaries and then he came with his family over to Guatemala 9 years ago, Jonathan completed his Senior Year at CAG.

We are super proud of Jonathan.  His full name is Jonathan David.  A fitting name for this gentle giant. We are all excited for you, Jonathan!! Way to go:)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Have You Met Melvin?

Glenn recently connected with Melvin at SETECA.  Melvin and his family works in Rio Hondo/Estanzuela, on the road to the Caribbean coast.  

Each summer, an army of folks from Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, converges on the community and shares the love of Christ with the children, teens and adults in this tropical area.
Glenn has been able to secure some biblical materials, tracts, biographies and Bibles at a reduced cost and then he has been able to pass them along to Melvin to use in that ministry.

We look forward to reconnecting with Melvin and the group from NBC (the church where we got married 36.5 years ago) in a few weeks towards the end of June.  Although we will not be directly involved in the day-to-day ministry of the Campamento, we will be able to help with some transportation logistics on the last day to help folks get up to Antigua, do some sight seeing and get back to the hotel before they head back home the next day.

Monday, May 16, 2016

747 plane

Its not every day a 747 lands at the GUA city airport.  When the airplane was taxiing on the tarmac, the traffic stopped for people to see this big bird. We were all curious where it came from, what it was carrying and who might be on the plane.

One school bus stopped, let the kids out to poke their nose through the chain link fence and watch this humongous plane.

As one of my favorite quotes goes, 

"Where there is a will there is a RunWay."

Friday, May 13, 2016

From the Heart

The other day, I called up Gail.  I said, "Gail, I have some new stamps!  Come over and we can chat and make some cards."  Sure enough, Gail took me up on the offer.  She dropped Lydia off for some math tutoring, and then came on over.

We had about 2 hours to ourselves
 We stamped.  
We laughed.  
We giggled.  
We enjoyed catching up on our families.  Now, where is so and so these days?  How many grandchildren do you have now?  We talked about how our lives have changed these past 10 years here in Guatemala.  Becoming "empty nesters" to grandparents.  We smiled as we shared "grandchildren stories".

Gail was a great encouragement to me as we sat in my craft room and shared our lives together.  Thank you, Gail, for your example of love, hospitality and your kind friendship.

Gail shared from her Heart.
Gail even taught me a new technique where I could put the "Bible Verse" down at the bottom of the card, instead of in the middle or at the top.  Wow!  Thanks! Always learning.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Baccalaureate Service

Saturday afternoon, Glenn and I attended the annual Baccalaureate service for those teens who are graduating from the missionary kid school here in Guatemala.  Has it been 9 years since Gary participated as a Senior from CAG?

We are so proud of Jonathan.  We look forward to seeing how God will continue to work in his life as he continues follows God through the next years.

Congratulations, Jonathan!!  We are all proud of you.  Your grandparents and family are proud of you, too.  Congratulations, Ruth and Paul, for seeing your youngest grandchild through this important step in his life.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Missionaries are Real People

We have an author in the family. 

Ellen recently wrote a book entitled, Missionaries Are Real People  She published the book through Amazon.  So, for now, you can download it to any electronic device.  Click on the above link.

Glenn and I read the book with great anticipation to understand how Ellen has processed her life as a  missionary kid, what she has learned from her adventures of going to the mission field as a missionary single gal and what advice and counsel she might offer both missionaries and sending agencies through her more recent experiences as a missionary wife and mother.

Additional information: 
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a missionary or a missionary kid? How can you grow in your understanding of some of the every day struggles that missionaries face? Whether you are currently a missionary, are preparing to go to the mission field for the first time or whether you are one of those special people who support missionaries through your friendship, prayers and gifts, you will find this insightful book helpful in suggesting some specific ways to survive, adjust, empathize and encourage.*Version*=1&*entries*=0
{photo: Courtesy of Ellen R}

Thank you, Ellen, 
for sharing
  your life
your insights,
 your frustrations
  as well as your joys that you have found living on the mission field.  

As you turn the pages to open the next chapter of your life, may you continue to share, learn and enjoy as you experience God's love and delight in you.

I love you Ellen.


Friday, April 29, 2016

What's Your Beef?

That is a load!
How do you spell, "Overloaded?"

This is a "Guatemalan Cattledrive":)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Karen's One Week Adventure

It is not very often that we have family members who come and visit us in our home.  I can understand.  Guatemala is not their home.  Our kids mainly grew up in Dallas or in Bolivia where we served with South America Mission.

Karen's teaching job had a one week break last week, and we arranged for her to fly here and spend a relaxing week at "home" with us.  Another objective besides her company, was to go to the Air Supply concert on Friday night.  It brought back memories of listening to music that we played in our 10 CD player in the Cowboy Blue Toyota HiLux back in Bolivia.

We drove down to Puerto Quetzal to watch the NCL SUN dock and reconnect with some recent friends we met back in December.

After the early morning drive down to the coast and meeting our friend, Juan, we then drove on up to Antigua for Karen to do some shopping.
Then the week was topped off by Glenn, Karen and myself going to the Air Supply concert.  
Karen grew up listening to this group in our HiLux truck CD player.

The concert was great.  We are so glad we took the time out of our schedule to enjoy some great music.  

Thank you, Karen, for coming "home" to visit us.  We enjoyed cooking together, watching old re-runs of Becker, watching Fixer Upper and eating meals out on our patio.  Thank you, Karen!  You make us proud.

If you are not familiar with Air Supply,
 then click on the link below for a YouTube of their music!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Letterboxing Adventures in April

Our letter-boxing adventures continue. 7 Letterboxes in 5 days.  Whoo Hoo!

1.  Just before the Red River on the Texas side, was a letterbox behind the Cracker Barrel in Gainesville, TX. 

 2.  Remembering Mama
This letterbox was located in a cemetery on the edge of Wichita, Kansas.  As Glenn and I were driving toward Kansas City, our long time friend, Virginia, and her sister, drove 45 minutes from their home to met with us in Wichita.  So, instead of choosing Starbucks or a local McDonald's, I gave Virginia the address of a small cemetery.  We met there and we showed Virginia and Evie how this letter box thing works.  I never thought I would schedule a meeting with a friend in a cemetery.

This particular Letter box was honoring a mother.  The hand carved stamp had a photo of a gal as if she were sitting on top of a car, dressed in the 50's style clothing.  Nicely done.

3.  Lego Letterbox
Just north of Kansas City, on our way to Des Moines, Iowa, we pulled over at the Rest Stop to find a letterbox.  I call this "in honor of our son, Gary".  Legos.  It was tucked away off a walking path over-looking a ravine.
4. Little Lincoln Log Cabin
This letter box was located in a rest-stop near Springfield, Il (land of Lincoln).  Uniquely hung on a tree branch in an evergreen tree on the right hand side as you drive into the rest area.  Great location.
5 and 6.  These letterboxes were done with Ken and Lori who we worked with as missionaries serving with SAMAIR in Bolivia in the late 1980's and 1990's.  Ken and Lori had flown in from Wyoming and were flying cross country. On Monday noon, they were heading over the Mississippi River planning to visit other former South America Mission-aries in Illinois - yet they had several hours to visit with us.  We drove directly to Creve Coeur Airport.  The 5th letterbox for us on this adventure was hidden near the Handicapped parking sign right by the small terminal.  That was a perfect spot.  Lori found the letterbox.  Sorry.  No photo.

After enjoying a hamburger at Five Guys, I looked on my iphone app to see if there was another letterbox in the general area.  Just 1/4 mile away in the parking lot of a hotel, we found our 6th letterbox.  We had Ken do the dirty work and retrieve the stamp and log book from the base of the parking lot light pole.  Way to go Ken!  I hope I've made a believer out of the McCunes.
Later we said our goodbyes, and they flew away!

7.  Stephen Colbert
Our final letter boxing adventure for this particular day was just before we crossed back over into Texas, South of Oklahoma, on US 75.  There is a town, called Colbert, and the letterbox is a carved image of the comedian, Stephen Colbert.  It was hidden in the local cemetery.  We followed the directions perfectly.  We learned a little more about this sleepy little town.  Stephen is not from this small town but had visited it.  As we were driving out, a parade of 20 or more cars rolled slowly into the cemetery for a burial.  This was fortunately at a different part of the cemetery.

Thank you, Glenn, for putting up with my propensity to make every journey creative and fun.

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