Friday, October 09, 2015

My Brother Turns 60

My brother, Rick Marr, turns 60 today, October 9. 
We ate some delicious banana pudding that Brenda made.
Brian made a video for his dad's special birthday.  There were lots of laughs as we looked how the hair and clothing styles have changed over the years.

Click here to see the video that Brian made.

Happy 60th Birthday, Rick.

Rick, 60 years old, with G'Mommy (86) and G'Daddy (87 in 2 short weeks).

 Rick with his 4 grandkids.
Camp, Callie, Colton and Cooper

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

75th Anniversary of Ben Lippen School

Back in the 70's it was customary for missionaries to send their children away to boarding school.
It was no exception for Glenn.  For his 10th, 11th and 12th grades, Glenn attended Ben Lippen High School in Asheville North Carolina.

Over the weekend, Glenn and I took a journey back to his formative years.  We connected with dear old friends.

Glenn connected with old classmates, former soccer players and friends from his high school choir.

On Saturday evening, we joined the class of 1972 for their evening gathering and potluck dinner.  We sat around the tables and shared stories, heard stories of heart aches, challenges and growth since their BL years, and we heard stories of God's faithfulness through the years.  We didn't leave the gathering until 12:45am.  My eyes were swollen from crying and we were worn out from engaging in the interesting stories of grief and joy.

God is faithful.

On Sunday morning, we gathered at the old campus to have brunch and a worship service.

Glenn and his choir director, Ralph Parker.
Glenn is somewhere there in the crowd with some of the former BL choir members.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


After attending the 100 year celebration with South America Mission in Panama, Glenn and I flew to Nicaragua on our way back home to Guatemala.

We were able to attend church with Ellen and Luke where they had Lucy dedicated on her first birthday.  Sorry, I don't have pictures of the event.  Our hands were full with David, Emily and Lucy.

We purchased Dunk'n Donuts at the Panama City airport and hand-carried them on the plane to have Breakfast with the g'kids.  It was a big hit.

We had fun playing with the girls while David attended pre-school.
We're thankful for the few days we could be with Ellen, Luke, David, Emily and little Lucy in Managua on our way back to Guatemala.  

We celebrated Lucy's first birthday, attended her baby dedication, babysat the g'kids, found the local McDonald's PlayPlace for the kids to run around and for us to cool down in the air-conditioning, played with the g'kids, took hot afternoon naps with Emily, ate Mexican casserole, and enjoyed our time together.

Monday, October 05, 2015

100 Year Celebration

Glenn and I were invited to attend the 100 year celebration of South America Mission in Panama.
 Check out the photos!

Morning Sunrise!
Look who joined us for breakfast!
A tour of Fort Lorenzo, near the Panama Canal.
A day at the Panama Canal included a tour of Fort Lorenzo, viewing the GatĂșn locks on the Atlantic side, coffee, and a late afternoon train ride back to Panama City, all with dear friends.

Group shot of South America Mission

Past, Present and Future missionaries from Bolivia.

Moody Bible Institute Alumni photo

Check out more photos on South America Mission FaceBook page.