Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

What words would describe 2010?

Looking back over 2010, I feel it has been a very challenging year yet rewarding at the same time.  

Naturally, since we are just now "coming off" of our 3 month home assignment adventure that was interrupted by my broken ankle accident right smack in the middle of it all, my first final thoughts of 2010 reflect on the word wheelchair.  Glenn patiently cared for me in every sense of the word.  I was helpless.  I depended on him so much.  He listened and understood my challenges and my discouragements.

Another word would be Friends.  We spent our furlough (aka home assignment) renewing friendships with supporters across the USA.  Most, if not all of these friends, have supported us for years.  Wow, we are truly blessed.  We were also blessed by our friends on the field ~ as we worked together throughout the year.  As we gave, we received.  It is a win-win situation!

How about North Dakota?  Who travels to ND?  I don't think I've ever met anyone from ND. Actually, while we were driving in the SE corner of ND, Glenn received a phone call from Dick in Dallas who is from that general area we were visiting. However, this year, Glenn and I visited ND for 45 minutes, making it my 50th and final state to visit. 

Another word would be 30 year anniversary which we celebrated on January 19, 2010.  Has it been 30 years?  We have explored different parts of the world, raised 3 kids who love and honor the Lord, worked in different ministries, served in three countries (United States, Bolivia and now Guatemala).  Thank you Glenn!  I wouldn't trade this voyage with you for the world.

How about the word accomplishment? We did it!  Glenn and I finished our "degree completion" through Moody Bible Institute.  We graduated with our daughter, Karen.  You know it was challenging to hit the books again, yet it was a rewarding experience.  Now what?  Glenn and I are applying for some additional on line courses from Dallas Theological seminary starting 2011.

As we look forward to new challenges in 2011, I am reminded of God's love for each of us.  He will take care of us in the every sense of the word. 
Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feliz Navidad

 The Whole Marr Family

Last Sunday we were able to gather with
GrandMommy and GrandDaddy Marr
for our Christmas.

Family Christmas changes from year to year, however it is being with family that makes it special. 

  Spending most of my adult Christmases as a missionary mom in Bolivia, I enjoyed being with our kids and being in a different culture.  Now, as an older adult mother, living in a totally different country than the heart country of my kids, I find it more challenging to get together on a regular basis.
We really didn't have much of your "traditional family Christmas time", but at least we were together.  We spent Saturday morning celebrating Grandma Vi's 80th birthday, then in the evening, we sat around the CAM "great room" and exchanged some gifts.  We laughed and we cried.  I didn't cook my traditional Cinnamon Blitz for breakfast nor the Mexican Casserole for Christmas dinner.  We didn't have my cross-stitch stockings with me this year either.

But, we were together.

The kids have gone on their merry way - Ellen and Luke on up to Indiana, Karen and Thomas on up to Illinois and Gary with GF Madi to Missouri. Glenn and I will spend a few more days before my "hopefully" last doctor's appointment for my left ankle, then we'll head on back home to Guatemala.

However, I'll always remember this Christmas, as we celebrated Jesus' birthday with family
at GrandDaddy and GrandMommy Marr's house.

With the GrandKids

Ronnie and family

 Sherrie and family

Rick and family

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sun Rise, Sun Set


Notice the moon between the leaves of this tall plant.

All the attention today has been the recent lunar eclipse.  There was a clear blue sky with no obstacles.  I just didn't have the strength to get up and outside at 1am this morning to watch the incredible sight, so I thought a picture of the moon taken over a year ago, would do the trick. Glenn walked out into the parking lot, didn't even need a coat, and was able to see the eclipse crystal clear.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Story Book 2 {Search and Find the Difference}

Step 1 Making the yarn
Step 2 Spinning the yarn

Step 3 - Weaving the cloth

I just noticed the houses are a different color in each picture book. Hmm.

How many differences can you find?
1.  Houses are different colors
2.  3 Trees near the house are different
3.  Birds in the clouds are different
what else?????

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ready For Work

 2 Men near Centennial Camp
(photo by Maria C.)

The Colors of the cloth of these Cachiquel men remind me of Christmas colors.  The men use their "skirts" as blankets too.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


The colors which the Guatemalan women
are so bright and beautiful.

Friday, December 10, 2010

This Old House

As we drove back from Panajachel on CA-1, we dodged lots of landslides and then I noticed this house along the side of the road.  It doesn't look like it will hold up too much longer. The rushing waters from the rains have really washed out the side of the hill on which the house was built.

The recent rains, especially the rains from the recent Tropical Storm Agatha, really did some major damage to crops, bridges, roads and property.

I wrote this post several months ago and neglected to post it.... I thought it was worth posting even though the house is probably washed away by now

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Stained Glass

My friend, Carol, lives in a house in Antigua that has over 20 stained glass windows.  Look at this one! 

This is the famous Arch with the Volcan de Agua in the background. It even has a 3D look.

Then another stained glass depicting the other Volcano near Antigua - Volcan de Fuego.  This is an active volcano.

Here is another stained glass.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Spider Man (Spyder)

Yes, this is a motorcycle.  They call it a SpYder.  A couple weeks ago we spent the weekend with Phil and Bobbie. Phil was working on his new moto.  Note that the cycle has two wheels in the front and one in the back.  

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Table Display

While at RBC we had the wonderful privilege of meeting with people.  It seems that one way or another, folks know someone who knows someone who has gone to Guatemala, has adopted a Guatemalan or has sponsored a World Vision or Compassion International child. The connections were fast and easy.

Since I was sitting in the wheel chair
at Eye Level for the kids
I had lots of interactions with the young kids.  They loved the fact that I gave them Guatemalan money (bookmark - to remind them to pray for us, when they read their Bible).
Besides having Quetzal bills (money) and prayer cards to give away,
we borrowed a friend's "Boot",
and we placed some home made refrigerator magnets on the boot.
It was a creative way for people to pick out their magnets - on my "boot".