Monday, October 31, 2016

Cholula, Mexico

During the past week Glenn was involved in Team Leaders' meetings in Cholula, Mexico and this year, the wives were invited.  Several ladies flew in from US, Uruguay and others drove from other parts of Mexico.

There were special outings for the ladies.  The first day was a tour of the Talavera Pottery Warehouse.  Fascinating. 

 Watching this guy, reminded me of the verse 
"I am the potter, you are the clay".
 Everything is hand painted.
After the tour we had an opportunity to paint on a small dish.  Super Fun.

Before it was Fired
The ladies also enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant.  The following day, we had a special pot-luck lunch in Cristina's front yard.  We had a time of sharing.

All day Friday was Pastoral Care Day. Zach Whaley, from AZ, a personal friend of Jonathan Edwards, shared with us on the topic of 
"Essential Counseling Skills".  

Basically, Zach teaches us how to ask the right questions, how to listen with our actions, eyes and body language, how important it is to communicate verbally and non-verbally.  He demonstrated, and we practiced. It was not roll-play, but we dealt with real life situations that people are dealing with.  We are thankful for this very good information that is essential in providing Pastoral Care well.

Here are some additional photos of the landscape of Cholula and Puebla, Mexico

Pyramid Tlachihualtepetl

note the shadow on the Bell Tower
Sunday afternoon we took a stroll through the CĂ­rculo near our hotel in Cholula.  I was able to get some great shots of folks and the architecture.

At our closing night, we had a special performance of some local mariachis.

In closing, I'm thankful for the opportunity to accompany Glenn during his week long meetings in Cholula, Mexico.  I'm thankful to be a part of a great mission organization, Camino Global, that is involved in spreading the Word of God to and with Spanish speakers all over the world.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

McDonald's Kiosk

I had never seen this before.

This is a 
McDonald's kiosk
 in a downtown Guatemala City restaurant.
Quite easy.  During the lunch hours, this machine is used constantly.
I've never seen a Kiosk in a McDonalds in the United States, but then again, I don't frequent Mickey D's either.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Money Laundry

Here is a new twist on the terminology
 "Money Laundering".

In the building complex where Glenn and I go to the dentist office, downstairs, we noticed a Laundry-Mat.  

Interesting the words 
"Coin Laundry"
 translates to 
"Money Laundry".

All in a good day's laugh.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

60 Roses by Glenn

Thanks Glenn, for the 60 roses for my 60th birthday.

I can't wait to see what the Lord brings to me this coming year!

This is what 60 roses looks like - 1 for each year!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

My 60th Birthday

I spent my 60th Birthday
 with my Mom.

We took her with us to the State Fair of Texas.  
Of course we enjoyed a corn dog and did the "people watching thing"

The best thing, Thursday, October 20,
 was Senior Citizen's Day
I especially loved enjoying the FREE benefit of now being a Senior!

Beautiful day - high in the lower 80's.

My mom kept saying "Well, 60 years ago today, Dad and I went to Baylor Hospital and the Doctor said, "Do you want to have this baby today?"  So, I said, "Yes."  I don't remember what we did with your brother, Rick.  My dad said earlier, "I just wanted to watch the SMU football game that Saturday afternoon."

Thank you all for the many Birthday wishes I received on Facebook.

  It is always fun to read the genuine birthday wishes from friends I've known, from elementary school, college friends and former co-workers in Bolivia all the way through to current co-workers with Camino Global.

I am blessed.

We later went to the famous "Reunion Tower" to observe the skyline.  This was where we got engaged 38 years ago.  

What a beautiful Dallas skyline.

We ended the day with a Birthday celebration dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse.

Thank you all for the Birthday greetings.  I am blessed.

60 Roses 
from Glenn in Guatemala -
 they are a lot cheaper in Guatemala.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bible Translation Project

On Saturday we attended the graduation ceremony at GBS.  We took Natalie and Patricia with us.

One of the graduates was a young man who helped with the Chuj translation project. Camino missionary, Helen and her late husband David, worked with him on the complete Bible translation.

So happy to see how God allowed the young Chuj man to help veteran missionaries with the Bible Translation.  
Praise God.

Proverbs 119:105

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Natalie and Immigration Office

On Monday we took Natalie to the Immigration office to get an extension, for another 90 day Visa. On our way to the immigration office we dropped off Steve and Elisa at the Guatemala City airport.

So, we had to drive downtown, find a safe place to park, walk 3 blocks to this cramped immigration building.  We climbed 2 flights of stairs, grabbed a number, 82 and waited...and waited!  We looked into the small over crowded room and the number on the monitor said 17.  That was 10:00am

 It's now 12:45pm  They just called 82.

In the meantime I am sitting up against the wall next to Eric. 
 Where are you from?  
Where did you go to High School?
Lake Highlands

I immediately gave Eric a fist bump.

What class did you graduate in?
Did you know my sister or brother?

Can you believe it?  I'm sitting in the small Immigration office waiting room, and I sit next to someone who went to the same schools that I did.  
Northlake Elementary, LHJHS and Lake Highlands.

Small World...Big Family

Eric has a fishing business down at the Pacific coast.  We exchanged our contact.  If I you ever want to go on a fishing adventure, deep sea fishing -  check out Big Buoy Fishing