Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year In Review

2011 was a blessed year 
filled with accomplishments, graduations, new baby, engagement, weddings, sickness and saying "goodbye" to some veteran CAM Missionaries!

Jordan and Hannah,  plus Solomon and Grace arrived as our newest missionaries on the field.  We have known Jordan since the 80's when he grew up with our kids in Bolivia.  The Selfs lived with us for a couple months before they settled into language school in Antigua and now they're starting their first semester of teaching at the MK school here in Guatemala City.

We completed our official duties as presidents of the John Brown University Parent Association Council.  We loved helping out on campus and being a voice for the parents and relating to the students within the John Brown family.

Gary was baptized.  How proud we feel to see Gary mature over the years and wanting to follow God's leading in his life.  We love you Gary.

Having Ellen and Luke, GrandMommy and GrandDaddy, plus Scott and Barbara come to visit us for a special week during Easter vacation.
Congratulations to son, Gary, graduating from John Brown University.  Now he has a full time job there!  Just call him the IT Guy!

We welcomed Baby David into our family on July 13.  Proud parents are Luke and Ellen who live in Nicaragua.

Over Labor Day weekend, Gary proposed to Madison.  We couldn't be more thrilled.  A June 2012 wedding is in the works.  Gary is the sentimental type.  So, he gave Madison my engagement ring which was Glenn's grandmother's ring.  In other words, Madison is wearing Gary's Great Grandmother's engagement diamond.  How cool is that?

We were blessed by a special 10 day visit from dear friends, Jeff and Kathy.  Our families go back nearly 30 years together where we worked, lived, vacationed together in Bolivia.  During their visit, Jeff helped us distribute back-packs to the kids at Casita Benjamin, visited the CAM missionaries with us, sampled as many cups of coffee as he could and engaged in various aspects of ministry together.  
We laughed.  
We cried. 
We were encouraged.

We said "Goodbye" to 2 missionaries who served the Lord for many, many years here in Guatemala.

David was born here in Guatemala, was married for over 50+ years, worked on 4 Bible Translations and was a dear friend.  He passed away on November 10.
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Esther died peacefully in her sleep on November 13.
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Welcome to the family - Clay
Clay and Catherine's Wedding

We enjoyed a special Christmas weekend with family.
Grammie and David


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Video of Our 2011 Stewart Christmas

Check out the video I put together of family shots during our Christmas together with all of our kids.  We enjoyed a full week with Ellen, Luke and grandbaby David, a fast-packed weekend with Gary and his fiancée, Madison  and multiple get-togethers with Karen and Thomas.  A highlight was a full day down at the lake house with my brothers and sister and their families along with my parents (GrandMommy and GrandDaddy).

my parents
 whole Stewart family
 Merry Christmas 
from Glenn and Judy

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

4 Generation Photo

Grammie (55 years)
GrandMommie (almost 83)
Ellen (29 years)
David (5 months)

Grandmommie (aka David's Great Grandmother) loved tickling his little belly.
and giving him kisses.

It doesn't get better than this!

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Day in the Life with David

  Enough said!

 Janie and David

We kept David for the day and over night, while Ellen and Luke celebrated their anniversary.  In the meanwhile, GrandDad (aka, Glenn) and Grammie (aka, me) drove David around the metroplex to introduce him to special friends of ours.

 The Beekman family

Later in the evening, we went to dinner at the 
Magic Time Machine.  

2 furloughs ago, we took the family here and we all enjoyed the dining experience where the waiters are dressed up as different characters.  We had Peter Pan serve us.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Candid Shots From Pre-Christmas Gathering Part 2

Last week, we had our annual Marr Christmas gathering.  This year we celebrated at Rick and Bev's lake house.

  Gary and Baby David (5 months)
Grammie and Baby David

The weather was so delightful!
Picture Time
GrandMommy and GrandDaddy

We enjoyed some outdoor time!

GrandMommy and GrandDaddy with the 4 GREAT Grandsons
Cooper, David, Colton and Camp
(left to right)
Gary, the photographer
Family Shot

 and finally
the "silly shot"

Merry Christmas
Glenn and Judy Stewart
December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Candid Shots From Pre-Christmas Gathering Part 1

GrandDad found a puzzle for David.  Glenn is constantly singing 
"Little David play on your harp, alelu, alelu, Little David play on your harp, alelu!"

We had a small family Christmas gathering at Karen and Thomas' apartment, exchanging gifts and laughs at the same time.
Gary and Madison drove down from Arkansas for a quick 2 day visit.

 Little Snickers was dressed the part.
Plus David got passed around!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early Christmas with the Family

 The Marr Clan
(minus 3 grandkids)

GrandDad, Grammie
and baby David

Rick's family

Judy's family

Ronnie's family

Sherrie's family

Just with the GrandKids

Rick, Judy, Ronnie and Sherrie

with the 4 Great GrandSons
David, Colton, Camp 
with Cooper running away
(photos by Gary)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Christmas Gift Idea

Looking for a great Christmas gift?
I have the perfect gift idea.

Life Essentials Study Bible

Seven years ago, Glenn and I had dinner with Gene and Elaine and he told us about his project of working systematically through the Bible to compile a Life Essentials Study Bible.  From then on, we would jokingly ask Gene, "How is it going in re-writing the Bible?" :) followed by, "Where in the Bible are you studying and teaching now?" 

Gene and I served together for a few years on the Board of the Moody Bible Institute Alumni Association.  He traveled down to Guatemala and ministered to the CAM International Guatemala missionaries several years ago.  I appreciate his dedication to a number of ministries around the world and to the Lord.  We count it a privilege to call Gene and Elaine dear friends.

Be sure and check out the video.  
This new Life Essential Bible is awesome
(Yes, MJE, I know, only God is awesome!)

This Bible is interactive by utilizing the latest technology of the QR reader. 

It has 1,500 QR codes that are connected to life principles throughout the Bible.  When you scan the QR codes with a smart phone, it connects you to a 10 minute (varies) video of the Bible principle, taught by Gene Getz

How cool is that?