Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tired of Erosion?

Ever wonder what happens to old tires?

They're used for road construction. 

Are you tired of erosion? Try this solution:)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Newest Family Arrives

We have welcomed the newest missionary family to the Guatemalan field.  They came in shifts.  Michael arrived on Friday night via American Airlines.  The dog, Dublin, arrived on Saturday night via United Airlines Cargo.  And finally Gina and little Emma arrived 2 hours later on Copa Airlines.  That is one way to travel.

Little Emma was so tired, but was a great little trooper.

Pray for the family as they look for housing, a vehicle to purchase and as they wait for their shipment to arrive from the states.  Michael will be starting language school next week and will be starting the process for all the miscellaneous stuff, like getting cell phones, setting up a bank account, learning his way around the city and most importantly, feeling settled again.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sarita in Guatemala

For the past 10 days, we have hosted Glenn's sister, Sarah.  We had the blessing of having Sarah visit us back in the 90's in Bolivia, and now she has been with us in Guatemala.

She enjoyed a boat ride with us to Casa Del Mundo for breakfast there.

She faithfully made peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for Julie and Boyd each morning, to send them off on their way from LBN to work at Centennial Camp.

She even dressed up at Nancy's place at San Antonio PalopĆ³.

Sarah even cleaned and polished the bannisters and railings on the stairway.

She even blessed us by celebrated Glenn's birthday, treating us to lunch at Media Cancha. The afternoon was topped off by watching the Lone Ranger in the VIP movie salon at Oakland Mall .

Sarah enjoyed strolling through the streets of Antigua with our dear friends, the Russells and the newest Camino Guatemala missionaries, the Makidons.

I even gave her private tutoring lessons with her Iphone!

Come again, Sarah!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Team Leaders Meeting

The second week in July, Glenn attended a week long event with the team leaders from various fields such as Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras and Hispanic USA.

The week started off with a full day of prayer and fasting.  What a great idea to start such rigorous meetings and bathe them with prayer!

Glenn is the team leader for the newly formed team that receives the new missionaries in Guatemala and helps with their adjustments, allocations, and language learning.  We're there to "soften" the blow when they face multiple culture shock surprises and challenges.

{Photo courtesy of Alfie P}

The 35+ family units from Guatemala are organized into 5 or 6 teams.  We call our team the TLC (Tender Loving Care team).  We meet occasionally for prayer and fellowship.  Our team has been growing constantly this past year, as five brand new families have arrived in less than a year. We count it a privilege to partner with and encourage these energetic new members of Camino Global in Guatemala.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Psalm 119:105

Psalm 119:105

 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Friday, July 19, 2013

That's One Way to Travel

Driving down CA-1, I captured this!

Could you do this in the US?

Someone had added padded bucket  seats in the bed of a pick up truck.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brenda is Engaged

On July 4th, the fireworks were exploding.  My niece, Brenda, (Rick and Bev's daughter), got engaged to Drew.

After a 30 minute walk through the lake community, Drew ushered Brenda out on the dock and  proposed to her.  After a few moments together, they they emerged to a porch full of family and close friends sharing the excitement.

GrandMommy slipped Brenda's engagement ring on her pinky finger.  I love it.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Things I liked about Last Week

4th of July at the Ball Park in Arlington

Fireworks after the winning game.
Taking my mom to visit her long time friend, Mrs. Tilley.  I smiled as I listened to them talk and bring back memories of "remember when?" or "oh, honey, I forget"

Watching David discover the gum underneath the table.
Emily sucks her thumb occasionally.  That's ok, because "Bahpeas" sucked her thumb also.
Glenn participated in a week-long mission leadership meeting.
I learned the new definition of 
Photo Bomb!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

6 Letterboxes in 1 Day

On Sunday, June 30, Glenn and I were driving from Colorado Springs down I 25  and then westward over US 160 to Pagosa Springs.  We had plenty of time and enjoyed our leisurely drive through the scenic 4 and then 2 lane hiway.  Glenn was very patient with me, as I checked for Letterboxes along the way.

Click on the links to read the clues that we followed to find the hidden Letterboxes.

I have been using Letterboxing website
and Atlas Quest
to find these hidden treasures.  

I have a special stamp, ink and log book to record all my FUN.
1.  IRIS GARDEN is at a Rest Stop along I 25 just south of Pueblo, CO
2.  GOLDEN ASPEN LEAVES is along US 160 at a very nice roadside "look-out"

 3. PHANTOM UTE CHIEF is located uniquely at the community center in Fort Garland, CO

This letter box was the most unusual location, as it was at the train station.  Clever.

5.  LUCKY DUCKY   This clue was located 1.5 miles off of our road, near a pond in an old tree stump.

and my favorite Letterbox for the Day was

This letter box is located on the back side of a Drive-In Movie combined with a local hotel.  The idea was a novelty. 

The “World’s Only Movie Motor Inn” is located just west of Monte Vista, Colorado. While working at his drive-in theatre in the 1950s, George Kelloff dreamed up the Movie Manor – a hotel from which all of his guests could view the movie too! Each cozy room is named for a movie star and has an overhead speaker with piped in, adjustable sound for the feature screen. You can sit in big, comfy chairs or lay in bed while watching out your large picture window. If you’d prefer to watch the movie showing on the second screen, you can do so for free, but you’ll have to drive your car around to get the sound. We had a blast staying here and highly recommend it! Guests can also take advantage of the playground, pitching green, restaurant, and RV parking. Call 1 (800) 771-9468 for reservations.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Friends Along the Way

As we traveled 3,000+ miles from Dallas up to Colorado and back, we enjoyed visiting with dear friends along the way.  {oops, I forgot to take photos of all the friends we visited}

Evie and Virginia - delicious Stir Fry Dinner

Patrice and Joseph - friends from TX, now living in Colorado, came to visit us the day after their 25th Wedding Anniversary
Dwight and Ann - my former Jr. High youth director, from Colorado Springs, came up to visit us for their 48th Wedding Anniversary
Glenn with me, Ann, Lisa and Logan - all four of us 1975 graduates of 
Lake Highlands High School
Glenn with Mary Jane and Hugh - friends from Grand Prairie days, now living in Lubbock

Monday, July 08, 2013


Recently, we spent 10 days together in Colorado, as a family.  

Luke and Ellen, Karen and Thomas
4 month old Emily, Grammie, GrandDad and nearly 2 year old David
(missing Gary and Madison)

We enjoyed our time together.  Thomas loved the freedom of studying and walking down to the coffee shop and reading.  Karen was a big help, chauffeuring us to our "drop off locations", so we could ride our bicycles.  We worked puzzles, played games, ate together, laughed together.  We watched the final games of the NBA Basketball Finals along with the NHL Hockey Stanley Cup games.  We rode bicycles nearly every day, had countless numbers of picnics along the trails, enjoyed Concerts in the Park, cooked Stewart favorite meals such as Taco Salad and Mexican Casserole, strolled down Main Street, went swimming at the Recreation Center and even did some letterboxing.

Glenn and I changed our share of wet and poo-pee diapers.  But I love it!

 Below are some of my favorite photos!


In conclusion, we enjoyed our Stewart family reunion. 
Missing Gary and Madison, though. :(