Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gary at his new school CAG in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Unloading our 10 pieces of luaggage at DFW

this morning, we were downtown at the CAM Fellowship anual meeting. Bill Lawrence, DTS prof was our guest speaker.

We had a delicious lunch out on the patio. It kinda reminded me of the nice dinner we had in Mexico at their conference. In the afternoon, the men and women broke up and we had Lynna Lawrence speak to the women of CAM. There was special music and we had 1/2 hour of prayer time.

Tonight, we are on our way over to Lorenzes where we are having Pizza. Hopefully, Gary will be there with Ben too.

We forgot our attachment for the camera, so I have not been able to download pictures onto my BLOG. But maybe Glenn can locate an attachment.

Anyway. I'll write again, when I get a chance.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Last night, we arrived with into Guatemala City with 10 pieces of luggage. We had no hassels going through immigration. The only problem was leaving DFW. We had completely boarded the plane and then had to deplay and reboard onto another plane, just 2 gates away. As Glenn say "I would rather have equipment problems on the ground than in the air!" Unbelieveable, it is only a 2 1-2 hour flight from DFW to Guatemala. Kinda nice, instead of the normal 12 hours to 15 hours that we are use to flying.

We are staying at the Henriques home for the week. Very nice to call it home for a few days.

Friday - Sunday, we will be attending the annual CAM Fellowship conference. The guest speaker is Dr. Bill Lawrence from DTS and Northwest Bible Church. We are looking forward to this.

I will write more as I get a chance.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Going to Guatemala

On April 20 - 26, we'll be heading again down to Guatemala to participate in the Annual CAM Fellowship Conference. Dr. Bill Lawrence and his wife will be on the plane with us. We'll be taking Gary out of school for one day, as April 24-28, he'll be on Spring Break.

It looks like we'll be checking in with the maximum amount of free luggage to bring with us. The purpose will be to empty the suitcases and fill them with Merritt's stuff and bring that back with us. Creative goods exchange, huh?

I'll write more when we're down there.