Friday, May 30, 2008

Moody Bible Institute Golf Classic - May 14th in Crown Pointe, Indiana

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Glenn and I helped the Alumni Association and other MBI staff members with the Annual Golf Classic/Fund Raiser. It was an all day event with many door prizes and special awards. Glenn and I were stationed at the 8th hole to be the offical spotters for the hole-in-one shot. If a golfer made the hole-in-one shot, he would be awarded a Harley Davidson motorcyle. There was one golfer who was only 5 feet from the hole. Wow!

Besides the Golf Tournament, the WMBI Radio race car was on display.

Nancy and Doug, both MBI Alumni and both work at Moody. Doug works with WMBI and Nancy works in the Alumni Association office.

Nancy, how was your ride?

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tommy Lee and Glenn

Presidental Cook-out: After our all Day Alumni Board meeting, we joined the Senior Class of 2008 for Cook out on the Plaza. Steak, chicken, fresh fruit and apple pie.

Tom Shaw and Patrick Freidline - good friends, enjoying a nice conversation

Our hope is that in 2 years, when Karen graduates that Glenn and I will graduate also. You see we are in the "degree completion" program at Moody. I received a 3 year Bible certificate in 1978; Glenn attended Moody for 5 years and got a diploma in Missionary Aviation Technology. We have been taking classes to complete the 120 hours needed for a BSBS (Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies).

Last summer, we both took MDLC (Moody Distant Learning Center) courses, Glenn taking Church History and I took Christian Counseling. Very helpful. I am now checking into what courses we could take in the next few month.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Additional photos during Graduation time at MBI - May 17, 2008

Note: The airplane flying over head.

Where did the Cowboy hat come from? Its Glenn's signature hat that he usually wears when we come up to Board meetings, Founder's week, etc. and Glenn does the chauffeuring for the Alumni Board members between the hotel, Moody and Moody church.

Karen got a hold of the hat. Guess where we ate lunch after Graduation? Hint: My favorite deep dish!

More photos later of the week.
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Graduation Weekend - Moody Bible Institute.

Our future son-in-law, Thomas Bartz, graduated on Saturday, May 17th, at the famous Moody Memorial Church in downtown Chicago. His major was Pastoral Studies. He loves languages and especially studies in the Old Testament. Just say the word "Hebrew", and he lights up with a big smile. Say the word "Karen" and his face lights up ever brighter.

Thomas did the 4 year program in 3 years! Yippee! Way to go!

Our dear friends Gene Getz and Michael Easley!

Way to go Thomas! His favorite word - Awesome!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Karen has a Bridal Shower at Moody. Last month, some special friends from Karen's floor gave her a bridal shower on 2nd Floor Houghton Hall. We played some fun games and might I say interesting games. All to say, Karen is going to make a beautuiful bride next month.

Melinda, Karen's first roommate at Moody - also a bridesmaid.

Brandy, one of the gals from Karen's dormitory floor gave her a nice shower along with her room mate, Erin.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lunch in Antigua, Guatemala with vetern missionaries Stan and Barbara Orth and rookie missionaries, John and Gail Conners.

What a delightful afternoon, as we visted over lunch at Fonda Real. We picked up the Orth's from their home and drove them the 30 minutes over the mountain pass to the quaint town of Antigua. John and Gail were finishing their language school classes and were ready for some laughs and a good visit.

I've know Stan and Barb most of my adult life, however, I have learned to appreciate their godly wisdom, gentle smile and sincere friendship. It was 30+ years ago when I first traveled to Guatemala as a high school student, ate pizza in the Orth's home (yes, Pizza in Latin America)and got my missionary call/vision.

The Conners explained the tragic experience of their Guatemalan friend. The Orths were able to interject some cultural insights on the whole situation. It was a debriefing time and a good chance to learn and relate together.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

April 12, 2008 Ben Sywulka gets married here in Guatemala City. Ben is a CAM MK who grew up in Guatemala. His parents are still here and grandparents recently moved back to California. This was our first time to attend a Guatemalan wedding. It was unique in many respects, performend in both Spanish and English. The bride was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. The Invitation said 3pm, but they figured that starting at 3:30pm is right on time. The Bride walked down the isle by herself. She had no bridesmaid attendants. And the couple sat in chairs on the platform facing the audience (I understand the sitting aspect is a Guatemalan thing). Ben sang his vows to his wife.

Judy Murphy, Gail Conners and Mike Stephenson car-pooled in our van with us to the wedding. Driving to the wedding, we listened to Gail recount her previous week's experience about loosing a Guatemala friend who was murdered. Glenn and I took note and decided to visit the Conners for lunch the next week. More about that later.



Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last month, my nephew, Stephen Marshall (Sherrie and Steve's son), gave a class report on the country of Guatemala. Stephen had called me earlier in the week to get some specific information for his 1st grade report. Sherrie arranged for me to come visit with class and talk about the country of Guatemala.

Afterwards, I gave Steve's teacher a bag of Guatemalan coffee. She really appreciated it since she enjoys coffee.


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Monday, May 12, 2008

Last month, Karen had her first Bridal Shower. Emily Bartz, Thomas' mother, threw her a lovely Shower. Most of the friends attending were long time friends of the Bartz' family.

Karen is listed at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. She got several sets of towels, a microwave, and several miscellaneous items. We all cracked up laughing when she opened up her 3rd crock pot. You never can have too many!

Mary Jo Handley, Karen's long time friend from Bolivia, drove over from Michigan. Karen has known Mary Jo since they were both 3 years old in Bolivia. I still remember Karen and Mary Jo climbing the tangerine trees in our yard, riding their tricycles in circles on the broken driveway and drawing the outline of the floorplan of a house on the cement. Sweet memories.

The decorations for the Shower were a "heart theme". Everyone got a bud vase with 4 rose pens. Very cute idea.

Thomas' sister, Carey, gave them a laundry basket full of food items with recipes to go along with them. Clever.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

In the midst of planning the Annual CAM/Guatemala Field Conference in March, hosting a number of overnight guests and meals in our home, doing our basic Pastoral Ccare job, Glenn and I were able to creatively make Karen and Thomas' wedding invitations. They are being sent out this week (just before the postage increase over the weekend).

Glenn was very helpful in this project. While in the states in February, we made numerous trips to Office Depot to have some printing and cutting done. Glenn measured and remeasured the cards. He wanted them to be layed out just perfectly. Before we returned to Guatemala, I took the project out to E. Texas, and Ellen and PJ helped with some of the cutting and glueing. Little did I realize how huge the project would be, but it was worth it.

Several times we formed an assembly line and Glenn would have the silver paper cut, hand it to me to glue it on to the blue card stock, then I would hand it back to him, so he could fold it. I would then hand stamp each card and pour the embossing powder onto the wet ink and then use my hot heat gun to "fuse" the silver embossing. We had a few snags along the way. My heat gun literally melted so I had to buy a new gun. Also, I ran out of glue and had to get more from the states.

Imagine us with this assembly line in front of the TV watching the evening news. By the end of the 10 day project, I did not want to STAMP ever. That temporarily wore off in time.:)

My hands were worn from pressing down on the paper and getting the ink to stick. Each invitation is slightly different, like snow flakes. I used 4 different photos, most in black & white and some in color. Back in February, while up at Moody, we took several photos of Karen and Thomas together. I basically used most every type of stamping card method (wet embossing, dry embossing, brad, velum paper, photo, layering, etc).

I helped Karen out by addressing the envelopes. Glenn helped me with the printer and font and I think the job turned out very well. Just getting the names and addresses down was a huge task in itself.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

What a Day! It all turned out different than what we had planned. Yesterday, May 7, Glenn and I had planned on having the newest missionary couple over for a lunch meal. Around 9am, we got the call that Brandon wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it. We then decided to change plans. Glenn asked Jenny what we could get for them at Hyper-Pais (local Super Wal-Mart) and bring it down to them at the Marriott where they're staying. Sprite and Saltine Crackers was the order.

After doing some "catch-up" work here at the house, we left for the 20 minute drive downtown. There at the Obilisco, we had a road blockage, and had to make a 10 minute detour to get back on the correct turn off again. We also notice long lines at the gasoline station...more on that in another blog.

In the lobby of the hotel, we visited with Jenny and her 2 kids (4 month old daughter slept in the stroller and 2 year old son) along with Jenny's mom who is here for several days. The Scotts are a lovely family. They arrived on Monday and are planning on heading out to Xela, hopefully on Friday. They have lived for 1 year here last year before joining CAM in November, 07. As we sat and talked through their options of purchasing a new or used vechilce, Glenn made several phone calls to the mechanic that he knows to see if he had any leads of purchasing a vehicle for them.

The Scotts were very appreciative of the "goodie bag" that I gave them. Oh, Glenn also charged up their old Guatemala Cell phone and now they have a way to communicate with folks.

Since our lunch plans were changed, I still had the meal prepared for supper and just didn't want to have Glenn and I eat by ourselves. So, we called up our neighbors, Steve and Kelli, to join us for my mushroom steak dinner.

The night wasn't over. Glenn had made arrangements for us to go over and visit with Gary and Pauline Williams. Pauline is CAM missionary that is battling cancer for the second time. Our last visit with them, Glenn took over some foot massage lotion and gave her a relaxing foot massage. They loved it. And again, we did that last night. We appreciate the Williams in their ministry to the Lord here at SETECA and in Guatemala. Continue to pray for her and the treatment she is under. Before we left, Glenn prayed for Pauline, for the doctors and for God's guidance.

Picture of Pauline and fellow CAM missionary from Mexico.


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pacific Ocean in Guatemala - Hot Dark Black Volcanic Sand Beach

Last month we were honored to have our nephew, Kyle (that's my brother, Ronnie's son), here for a 2 week visit. Kyle had never traveled overseas before, so this was a new experience for him. He was able to help out with the teenage program during the CAM Conference with Chad Alexander.

Just 2 days before Kyle was to fly back to the USA, he and Glenn came back home from running some errands in the city. It was 2:30pm in the afternoon. I was up in my office working on the CAM Birthday cards and addressing them. Glenn mentioned that Kyle had never seen the ocean. He hadn't been to the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic or Pacific. Glenn asked if I would ponder the idea of driving down to the coast. I looked at my watch. At 3pm we were in the van heading South to the Pacific Coast.

As we drove 2 hours towards the beach, I called my friend Daphne who had recently related her experience at a local hotel on the beach. She gave me the directions and we headed towards Monterico. The sand was black and hot - black because of the volcanoes in the area. The ocean current/waves are very strong. Foolishly, I waded out into the ocean and the first blast of water hit my face and my glasses got torn off my face...a lesson learned. We enjoyed our time at the beach and saw a completely different part of Guatemalan culture than where we live.

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CrossRoads Cafe

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