Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Snap shots of flowers.

Notice the bee.

Flower with Volcano, Agua, in the back ground.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pollo Campero

Pollo Campero, the official chicken of Guatemala! Much much better than KFC!

I understand the Wal-mart signed a contract with Pollo Campero and there will be more Pollo Camperos in the Super Wal-marts in the USA.

This is my last blog of the Karen and Kirk's adventure in Guatemala. They were so helpful in tagging along with us as we did "member care" stuff with the CAM missionary community. They enjoyed their day spent at Casa Benjamin and other orphanages. I think Karen's idea of exposing their kids to missions, foreign field and the every day life of a missionary was a great idea. I have been encouraging Karen and Kirk to make this an anual trip. I know the Foote family out at the lake enjoyed the interaction with the Joseph kids too. I think the Josephs will NEED to come back annually.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Casita Benjamin

One of the things that Karen Jospeh wanted to expose her children to was the need to share their lives and love with the children of Guatemala. We drove to nearby Casa Benjamin, which is a day care center (7am - 5pm) for the children that live in and around the city dump.

Caroline was attached to this little girl.

The Josephs brought down a suitcase full of clothes, school supplies and crafts for the children at the day care.

The director gathered about 10 kids who were in great need of some clothes and the Joseph kids handed these clothes to the kids. She told us a little bit about each kid and their background and how some don't even know who or where their dads are.

Kids playing.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pizza, Volcano eruption and Mission Sunday

What would a trip to Guatemala be like without ordering pizza and having it be delievered by motorcycle? Yum.

And what would a trip be like without seeing volcano eruption? I guess it wasn't really an eruption, but really more of a "burp".

I love those Tortillas! The Cokers and Josephs joined us for a typical Guatemalan steak dinner to help celebrate Glenn's birthday.

It was Mission's Month at the El Camino church, so all the missionaries in the congregation come up front for the body of the church to pray for us. It was neat to have the Lara family up front too. They are Guatemalans who are being sent out from the church to Spain to join Jan and John Lohrenz.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 China Olympic Coverage vs 1988 Korea

Are we able to watch the Olympics in Guatemala? Good question. Its a challenge, but we are creative in watching. Note the listing below in the different ways we can find the Olympic coverage.

1. Channel 11, Guatemala station. Turn the sound down because the TV station is scrambled with some radio station. However, the times are not consistent and it is usually a hit and miss thing. Last week we saw a tape delay of the swimming competitions with Michael Phelps.

2. Channel 78 Telemundo Puerto Rico. We watched the delayed opening ceremonies in English (courtesy of NBC). Early this morning at 12:30, the station was broadcasting in Spanish some diving, swimming and soccer competitions.

3. Channel 3 in Guatemala. Again it is a hit miss thing.

4. Channel 77 CBS2 Los Angeles only highlights with still photo shots.

5. Channel 76 CNN update with still photo shots.

6. Channel 75 BBC British version of Olympic competitions.

7. Channel 74 FoxNews updates with still photo shots.

8. Channel 79 Spain

9. Channel 80 Cuba station reporting Olympic events for those in Mexico and South America. Again, it is a hit and miss and no scheduled format.

10. Channel 83 Chile

11. Channel 86 Germany in German.

Even with all these options we are not getting to watch much of the Olympics.

I remember 20 years ago in September, 1988, while in labor with Gary and even in the hospital room at Foianini Clinic, we had the luxury of receiving Brazilian broadcasts of the Seoul, S. Korea Olympics. It was great to watch the Olympic events during my labor with Gary and afterwards during those late night and early morning "feedings". Memories.

The TV wasn't working in my hospital room, so Glenn brought our TV from home and set it up in my semi-private room. Although the coverage was in Portugeese, I enjoyed watching Carl Lewis, Ben Johnson and Greg Louganis get their medals. This year Michael Phelps stole the show. However, I think Glenn and Judy Stewart should get the medal for the showing of Gary Glenn Stewart, September 20, 1988! Happy early birthday, son!

Now look at my baby, he is nearly 20 years old, a Sophomore at John Brown University and has matured tremendously in the past few months. He is loved by his classmates and teachers on campus. Gary is good with computers and has a helpful spirit just like his dad.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Visiting families in Antigua

After visiting Paul and Ruth we made our rounds. We visited with Niel and Diana Thomas. They're in Language study here in Antigua and will be eventually the host and hostess at LBN.

Diana showed us their "tiny" apartment. They since have moved to the Kendall's house and are "house sitting" their home for several weeks.

Forrest and Carol are dear friends. Recently, she gave me some "stamping supplies" that I have shared with other missionary ladies.

The Footes were in the final stages of moving out to the lake - Santiago. Notice the Iguana.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Antigua, Guatemala

On our trip back to the Capital, we made arrangements to have lunch with Paul and Ruth Philippi. They are veteran missionaries having lived here in Guatemala for over 50 years. We always enjoy introducing our visitors to the Philippis. They always have rich stories to tell and can really tell lots about their missionary adventures here.

Of course we stopped off and heard a mini concert on the Marimba, the national musical instrument of Guatemala.

You can always find artists around the courtyard or on the streets.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Snapshots of Panajachel - Transportation options

On LBN (Las Buenas Nuevas) property. Construction in the back ground.

So we traveled by Tuk Tuk. Its a fun and cheap way to travel in Santiago and also in Panajachel.

We also traveled by throwing the kids in the back of an already crowded pick up truck.

View of the Lake Atitlán

I like this sign painted on the outside wall where there is construction on the LBN property. It says "Do not Pee. There is a 100 quetzal fine!"

Crowded street. How did this bus make it?

Local dress for the men in Sololá.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Connor's Baptism

Connor Joseph gets baptized by his dad, Kirk.

Identified with Christ, "buried", raised to walk in newness of life.

We connected with the Fort Worth youth team. There was a baptism in the Hotel Pool, and 11 year old Connor was baptized by his dad along with several other young people from the church.

What an experience to see the young people and Connor get baptized here in Guatemala.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving day for the Foote Family

Danny Foote and Glenn

What a view! We helped the Footes move into their new home. How would you like to wake up to this lakehouse view every morning? Pretty picturesque.

Home Sweet Home - Footes - Santiago, Guatemala

Helping with the Big move!

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