Monday, November 27, 2006


Ok, several weeks ago, they had a "crazy hair" day at Gary's school. Gary wanted some video game symbol (Gary says its "Quake", whatever that means!) shave into his head. We agreed that since it was just for 1 day, then the following day, Dad would get a #1 to Gary's scalp. CAG has rules about haircode, so we wanted to make sure Gary was back in code. Gary had quite a unique style, don't you think? The next day, Gary's hair was VERY, VERY short.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Although it is not a national holiday here in Guatemala, the American community took the day off. The CAM family gathered together for a delicious meal with 50+ other folks at the Lohrenz home. Some ladies prepared the turkey and dressing, and everyone else brought the rest of the food. I made my corn casserole (that I got from CAM missionary, Cheryl Eberline 20+ years ago) and my carrot casserole. Glenn has renamed it to Harvest souffle. After eating a delicious meal, we all gathered in the back yard and had a time of reflection and thanksgiving.

The Glick family just arrived 5 days earlier, and several other families have returned in the last 2 weeks from furlough.

Gary took his X-box over to the Lohrenz house and set it upstairs in the den and entertained the mks. He was pretty cleaver. He started off playing 1 mk and said that the winner would play the next person. Obviously, Gary won each game, this way he was playing the whole afternoon. Pretty smart, don't you think.

Later in the afternoon, we were able to watch the Dallas Cowboy game. It was good to see them finally play a game and win controllably And as a Stewart tradition in recent years, we pulled out the video "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". We like this movie because Steve Martin is trying his hardest to get back in time for Thanksgiving day!

This year, Ellen is spending Thanksgiving in Nicaragua with her good friend Emily that flew down for the week. Karen is spending the weekend in 2 different homes in the Chicago area.

We are thankful for our family, good health, wonderful ministry here and the opportunity to serve and work with such a great group of CAMers.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Shots from GBS Seminary

The month of October is Graduation Month in Guatemala. The school systems is on reverse cycle. School begins in January or February and ends in October. Thus, you will see stores selling graduation rings in September and October. The summer break is during November, December and January. Here is the former director, Wilfred Johnson.

Gary's school is on the American school system. School begins in August and ends in May. He does have Thanksgiving Holiday off this week ~ compared to most Guatemalans do not celebrate Thanksgiving in November.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Sunday afternoon, Glenn and I drove up to Chimaltenango to attend the Graduation of the Senior Class at GBS (Guatemala Bible Seminary). The whole gym was packed out. As usuall, there were empty seats at the beginning of the processional, but by the time the whole program got started, all the seats were filled.

My dear friend, Chris, a music professor, and a recent grad.


Monday, November 13, 2006