Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review - 2012

I like to look back and see how we have been blessed this past year.

We have had several "excuses" to go and see Baby David in Nicaragua, now Boy David.  He is nearly 18 months old, walking, or rather running everywhere.  Most recently, we had Ellen, Luke and Boy David here in Guatemala for several days prior to Christmas.

 We hosted a GPBC mission team that came to Guatemala.  The team had an over-view of missions and saw some of the challenges a missionary faces.  They also volunteered for 5 days at Casita Benjamín.  Thank y'all for coming folks.  We know your lives have been changed and pray you may continue to plan trips to Guatemala.

On June 23, Gary was married to his sweetheart, Madison.  Lovely wedding.  We are so blessed to having another Mrs. Stewart in the family. 
 We love you, Madison.

There were family members and friends from Dallas who drove to Kansas City for the wedding.

Here is a YouTube video that I made of Gary and Madison's wedding.

 This summer, CAM International officially became Camino Global.  We attended the big event of Convocation in Estes Park, Colorado.  All 350+ families gathered together to celebrate, to be encouraged and we came away refreshed and refocused. 
 At Convocation we also witnessed the installation of our new Camino president, Doug Livingston.
Most recently we hosted Ellen, Luke and Boy David, along with my parents, known at Grandmommy and Granddaddy, for some pre Christmas activities.

During 2012, we hosted many friends in our home for a meal.  We have called on and visited the missionary family countless times.  We are saddened by the loss of Abel, but rejoice in his legacy and passion for missions.  

We thank the Lord for...
  • Good health.  Glenn had a "growth" removed from his back and it is healing well.  I still struggle a bit with my ankle, but all in all, we are grateful for good health.
  • Family.  We enjoyed the visit of family to Guatemala in December.  And we are excited about "GrandBaby" #2, scheduled to arrive March 2013
  • Friends.  We realize that the Lord brings people into our lives to encourage us.  We are thankful for friends along the way.  New friends.  Old friends.
We look forward to 2013 - to see what God has in store for us.  

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