Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Making Memories with My Mom

My parents are visiting for a few days here in Guatemala. I am so thankful that they have been able to come down for a short visit.  

Mom is aging - aging quickly.  Her memory, especially her short term memory, is fleeting.  

It's Alzheimer's, and it has gotten worse.

I thought, if anyone has a funny story, event or even 1 word that describes my mom and my parents, please send it on to me.  You can use either FB, email me at or write on my blog.  This will give us lots to talk about.  I want to honor my mom this way.

And when I get your responses, I'll read them to her.  And I'm sure she will be able to 'add more' to your stories. {But then again, she might not}.

We have a puzzle out on the card table.  We have time to tell stories, re-live memories, and appreciate their lives.  I have photo albums out for mom to look through.  Glenn has the electronic video picture going on the mantle. 

I love my mom and I'm sad when I see that I'm losing her.  She means the world to me.  And I know she means a lot to many, many people.



  1. Thank you, Judy, for spending this extra time with Mom and Dad. I know it's tough on you. It's tough on me just to read entries like this. I look forward to reading and hearing the responses from long-time and new friends they have made. And we all know, everyone became a friend to them once they met.

  2. Hi Judy! We've know your family a long time; going back to when Mary Ann was in high school, and we would visit with Frances and John at the basketball games while Ronnie played and Mary Ann was a when Sherrie was dating and married my sweet nephew, present when we enjoy visiting with them when they join us for holiday dinners. What great parents you have...and what great children they have.
    Merry Christmas to all!
    Bettye & Gordon