Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Moody Bible Institute Friends

Driving back to Chicago after the Michigan memorial service for Jan, I quickly texted Cheryl to ask for her mom's phone number.  Cheryl is a missionary we serve with in Guatemala.  40 years ago, I had her mom as a linguistics teacher at Moody Bible Institute.

Swanee was a great teacher.  I've enjoyed keeping up with her over the years, especially since her daughter now serves with us in Guatemala.
 {See the cross stitch in the back ground.  This is the same pattern that Cheryl taught me how to Cross stitch over 40 years ago}

The following day, Glenn and I spent the morning at Moody Bible Institute.  What fun times we had as we reflected on the role of MBI in our Christian journey.  Glenn and I enjoyed the morning seeing a few of our friends.

Do you recognize any of our friends?

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