Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bob's Mom

Last month was unusually heavy on us as we witnessed several friends die or family members of friends pass away.  One such passing in particular, was Bob's mom.  Bob and Ann are dear friends here and have served in Guatemala over the past 40 years.  A number of years ago, seeing that his mom was aging, Bob agreed with his brother, that his mom should fly to Guatemala and live here.  Great plan, great care.

The best thing was that we could visit Bob and Ann, and then walk down the garden path to her apartment and visit with her.

We were always greeted with a smile.  She would quickly turn down her "Telenovela" program and shift her attention to us.  After a short visit and a prayer, she would say, "Thank you for taking care of my Robert!"

We left her place feeling blessed.

Bob and Ann hosted a small gathering as a Memorial Service for his mom.  Bob's only brother, Joe, flew down for the short weekend and participated in honoring to his mom.

In the quiet corner of Bob and Ann's house, in their living and dinning rooms, chairs were set up.  Her doctor, care-givers, special musicians, daughter-in-law and close friends of the Henriques family honored her - as kind words were shared.

There was special music shared by Mildred and Manolo.  Her care-givers spoke and shared personal testimonies.

  Thank you Bob and Ann for allowing us to be a part of your family memories.

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