Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Quite often when we are visiting Panajachel, we drive over to San Antonio Palopó to Nancy's shop.

There is a little girl that has the most precious smile.  Manuela.  We've seen her grow up over the years.

We were quite surprised, when driving along the Vista Hermosa Blvd, we came across a Pollo Campero Billboard that had a photo of Manuela.

Many times we have taken many friends and co-workers to Nancy's shop, where Manuela works.  We have shared the gospel in a number of different ways. One time she was given a Gospel of John and she began to read aloud...went on and on...what a blessing.

Check out a 2012 post about Manuela.

{photo taken Jan '12}
{photo taken Nov '12}

Manuela has a beautiful and genuine smile.

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