Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Guatemala Postal Service is NOT Working

We have recently learned that the Guatemala Post Office is closed.  
The Guatemala Postal Service is NOT open.

Thus, if you send a Christmas card to us at our Guatemala address, chances are that we will not get it. 

I love the Christmas season when I receive Christmas cards from friends and family.  Usually the mail arrives in January or later.  However, this year, the Guatemalan postal service is NOT working.  So, if you would like to send any Christmas cards this year, we suggest that you send them to the Camino office (only .47 instead of the 1.15) for postage.  This is a way to definitely get your cards to us.  Thank You.

 Please send any Christmas greetings this year to the mission office in Dallas.

c/o Camino Global
8625 La Prada
Dallas, TX 75228

Read more at the following website.
Guatemala Postal Service

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