Saturday, February 16, 2013

Grammie Duty

First things first.

Morning devotions.


Now David has to pump the stroller tires so he can go on a morning walk with Grammie and Mama.

I've flown to Nicaragua to pick up David and take him back to Grammie and GrandDad's house.  In the mean time, I'm enjoying the Grammie Duty here in Nicaragua.   David will fly with me back on Monday and will be with us in Guatemala for 10 days. 

 Ellen is teasing me that she thinks I can "potty train" David in the short 10 days, but I can't say I have experience in that category.  Thank you Grandmommy (my mom) for potty training all 3 of our kids years ago.  

Then I'll return with David back to Nicaragua and wait for BabyGirl to arrive soon afterwards (that's the plan, but you know newborns can have other ideas.)
  Ellen's due date is March 8th.
 Ellen and Luke are in the midst of a new addition to their home and there are workers coming in and out of the house. There is dirt, cement, banging, hammering and electric sawing going on daily.  But the end result will be nice...they will have a new 2nd bathroom along with a closet and laundry room.


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