Tuesday, February 26, 2013

David's Weekend Trip

 Over the weekend, we had David with us.  This little boy loves to swim!  He did great in the pool.  Each day he was pretty tired.

On Friday morning, as we were eating breakfast, we had the biggest surprise of them all.  We got a call via Skype at about 8:30am. Glenn handed the smart phone for David to see his parents, but instead, there was little Emily.  What a surprise to all of us.  Ellen had sent several email messages the night before and then early in the morning to let us know that she was in labor and going to the hospital.  But we didn't have internet connection in our hotel room.  But then again, as Grandparents, we were pretty tired out and needed our sleep too, much like Boy David.

Most of the meals we fed David in the highchair on the balcony of our hotel room.  What a view.

Then on the last day, just before we headed back into the city, Jenny offered to let David have one last swim.  He didn't complain. 
GrandDad puts David right in the middle of the van, so he can look out the front window and see the winding road ahead.  This also keeps David from getting car sick from all of the winding roads.

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