Sunday, December 23, 2018

I Met Glenn 40 Years Ago Today - Dec 23, 1978 - 2018

So here is the story... I had graduated from Moody Bible Institute and had returned back to Dallas, was living at home, and was working full-time as a reservationist for Delta Airlines.  That was my dream job.  My good friend, Donna, was home from college for winter break and we tried the new Filling Station Restaurant on Greenville Avenue.  It was fun to re-connect with Donna as we had attended Junior High and Lake Highlands High School together.

I then drove to South Dallas, Duncanville area, about 20 miles from home to go and visit my friend, Mary.  Mary and I graduated from Moody Bible Institute earlier in the Spring and she was down from Illinois visiting her fiancĂ©, Tom.  

I have said frequently, 

"If you make a friend with Judy Marr, you have made a friend for life!" 

My mom was discouraging me from driving 'clear across town' to go see Mary.  

I remember distinctly her saying, "You don't have to go", at which I replied, "Well, Mom, who knows, I might meet my husband!"  

Little did I know that I would, indeed, meet Glenn.  Glenn had also graduated from Moody several months earlier and he was living with his missionary parents who were settled down in Duncanville for the year.  Glenn and Tom grew up together in Ixmiquilpan, Mexico where both parents worked on Bible Translation projects.  Glenn had come over to see Tom that memorable day.

Tom and Mary were out doing last minute Christmas shopping.  I arrived at the Beekman's house and Glenn called to see if Tom was there.  Dr. Beekman spoke up and said, "Come on over!"  So, we met and had time to talk about our families, college, work, etc. before Tom and Mary returned.

That was December 23, 1978.  

Then, 3 days after Christmas, December 28, Glenn took me out on our first date.  We went to The Nutcracker at the State Fair grounds.  It was very nice.

To this day, I'm thankful...
  • I didn't listen to my mom, but, instead, made the effort to drive down to see Tom and Mary
  • Dr. Beekman invited Glenn over, even though Tom and Mary were not back from shopping
  • For meeting Glenn 40 years ago today. December 23, 1978
  • Glenn was brave enough to invite me on our first date, December 28, 1978

Happy 40th Anniversary,

Glenn, celebrating the day we met for the First Time!  

My heart still jumps with excitement when I think of how you have loved me these 40 years!  

I love you!

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