Sunday, July 02, 2017

Veteran Missionary, Helen

With Natalie, her parents and brother with us, we decided to make a quick stop to visit veteran missionary, Helen E.  Helen, a missionary kid her self, who grew up in Bolivia, attended High School boarding school in the United States, met her husband, fell in love, married, and then journeyed down to Guatemala in 1951 with her husband, David.

David passed away several years ago, however, Helen continues her ministry, work, Bible Translation projects, etc. at the ripe young age of 89.

We were thrilled to stop by and see Helen and introduce her to Natalie's family. 

This was an occasion to be together with the two book end,
 the oldest and newest missionaries
 with Camino in Guatemala.

Helen and her husband worked on 4 different Bible Translation projects here in Guatemala.  Wow, what a testimony!  Helen is still as sharp as ever.

We laughed, as the Doctor made sure her hair was combed correctly just before our group selfie.

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