Sunday, April 02, 2017

What a Shock!

On March 2nd, we received word that Benjamin, a young Peruvian missionary, while riding his bike home from his Bible Study, was caught in a cross-fire and died along the side of the road.  Our hearts were broken. The missionary community has witnessed this young couple mature and grow in the Lord.  Several of our co-workers have had both Benjamin and his wife in their classes at SETECA, one of the seminaries here in Guatemala.  Also, Northwest Bible Church in Dallas has had a ministry here for over 10 years and have sent teams down to help with this ministry.

My friend, Sarah, along with her husband, John, served 2 years in Guatemala with the ministry in Rio Hondo.  She eloquently wrote her feelings and I think it's worth sharing.   {with permission} Click here to read Why?

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